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Monday, May 9, 2022


Feeling distractible today--it's snowing in Boise--and hopefully it's the last.

Do you ever just welcome the distracted and interrupted feeling?

...even though you have a 'list of stuff to do', and just embrace the interrupting nature of the mind and the world in tandem?
And still "get things done", but also fall into the euphoric smooziness of 'whatever's next'?

I get lost in my google photos drive. Usually it's an accident, but today, it was intentional.

I find all the vainglorious self portraits--that I've modified into oblivion--because
I'm like @FridaKahlo, and one of my own best subjects is ME.

It's something I know a lot about.

And I make these swirls. Because I think Howdie is right. And we're repeating patterns in a system. And I notice. (And the cycle is 9 years).

So I welcome the swirl. Because:

And so many other good clich├ęs that I can live my life by.

"PRIDE IS A HIDE" ever heard that one?

Probably not.

It's a rare gem from the world of "release".

And it means that you use PRIDE as a strategy to HIDE from deeper truths.
Truths about YOURSELF.

And Pride lets you believe you're so smart, and so capable to figure out what's going on, and so cocksure and knowing, that you remain limited--and gladly--by pride.

...but if you can see it--and tie it to the places you feel a 'wanting sensation', then--
you can "LET IT GO", and you move up into a space beyond pride.

And sometimes it feels courageous. Or peaceful. Or accepting.

And the fearful jag and jerk of pain that was hovering there--a subtle but half-aware feeling--of knowing you're lying to yourself...

It dissolves.
And there's an increased sense of awareness of the world.

Maybe even a feeling of having jumped timelines. Sometimes

we jump

and it feels like we're 'back where we used to be'.

A woman helped me to make a mantra to dissolve a spiritual contract I'd put on myself at age 15...
And after I'd repeated it daily for 3 weeks or more--I felt the sense of release--and I the awareness came to me... That I'd jumped onto a track that I'd left behind way back when.

And I started growing my hair.

Because I knew it would

...and it did.
And my ability to make art & to dance and to sing and to play music... They all increased in power.

And my fear of being judged and my fear of repercussion--they all melted slowly away.

And the process continues yet today!

And I take many liberties and make many pieces of art:
And I take a zillion photographs... Even with no plan to print or share or edit them.

And I feel more and more free.

I welcome my freedom above all else. Even if it feels like I'm gonna be crushed, or die, or be ridiculed or attacked.

I say "great!"


...I welcome it all.
But I don't die, and I don't get attacked. It's all just thoughts and feelings. And you can welcome them and they'll just hang around for a second and then they'll go away.

And there's this sense of relief and joy and peace and strength.

And then the aciton steps are easier.
& you can leave the typos sometimes--without a worry--not caring if the grammar nazis cruise your thread & notice, or chime in, & if they do, you can admit:

And sometimes the energy carries, and sometimes it fades. Like now. Like this feeling to zap one more picture into the thread...


(like I just did, just now...)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The "Nature of the Business"

I see the major deception in

I see the major deception in
"MEDIA" and "RELIGION" and "POLITICS" like this: 


 Information always comes
down from one of the 3 ranks. 


Examples: Government, Military, Corporate or
Mega-Church sources etc. 


CNN, Fox, ABC, CBS, Major Newspapers, Magazines, The Geraldos/Limbaughs/Hannitys/Amy
Goodmans/Noam Chompskis etc.

They spew information and they expect you to become emotional about it. They
want you to agree or disagree with violent gusto. 


Nearly all of the people who claim to be
Independents, Patriots, Truth
Seekers, or Mystics
are liars.  They are usually considered heretics or
conspiracy theorists.

Their job is to get a STRONG emotional response from anyone growing weary of the
first two ranks. They always cover
“forbidden” subjects.


 So once you get wise to Sean
Hannity and you suspect he is a
They offer you Alex Jones—who appears to be a patriot with a bullhorn.  In
reality, he is a much
bigger whore.


The purpose of this tricky
design is protective REDUNDANCY.  If you don't believe the Government sources
like the President or General

—Then you have Limbaugh and O'Reily to stir you up about
current events.  Once you begin to doubt the O'Reily and Oprah types, then they
supply the JOYCE RILEYS and the
and the ALEX JONESes.  This is a safety net against people starting
to truly think and do research for themselves.  If they can catch you with one
of their puppets, then you are


If you look at ALL of the so
called "alternative" radio show guest lists, the NAMES ALWAYS REPEAT. 


Alan Watt, Nancy Levant,
Charolette Iserbyt, Eustace Mullins, Greg Kaminski, Lindsey Williams,
Christopher Bollyn, John DeCamp, Eric Hufschmid, Sofia Smallstrom, Stephen
Jones, Michael Shaw, Constance Cumbey, Joan Veon, John Stadmiller, Ralph
Epperson, AND THE REPEATING LIST OF NAMES GOES ON!  When you've downloaded and
listened to as many mp3's as I have...Secret Message! Google Adam Lore! the pattern becomes obvious.


Can we claim each one of
these people is knowingly practicing a lie?  NO.  Do a large number of them
stick to a single subject, and NEVER allow themselves to be steered away from
it? YES. 


is a perfect example.  Get her away from her
anti-New Age-ism area, and drag her away from her dogmatic religious beliefs,
and suddenly she cannot answer questions or maintain the discussion any longer. 
It becomes damned obvious that she is a LAWYER when you ask her about
Zionism and/or



It is the same for nearly all
of the people listed above.  Michael Shaw is stuck on Agenda 21.  Stephen Jones
and others are stuck on 9/11.  Joyce Riley is the alleged expert on "gulf war
syndrome" and DU.  Constance Cumbey is the New Age exposer.  For John Decamp it
is Satanism and Child Abuse.  Joan Veon covers only The UN.  Charlotte Iserbyt
is focused on the erosion of Education. 


These are the puppets of the
.  Some of them
they are puppets.  Some do not know.  The truth is—it DOES NOT MATTER if they
know or not.  A puppet is a



If you can—go find the
audio of Peter Kawaja's 14 hour video "The
Conspiracy to Cover- up Peter Kawaja's Evidence"
.  Good luck in your
search.  Once someone can find a genuine American patriot like Peter Kawaja or
Niki Raapana, it becomes easy to recognize the others as PUPPETS.  They cannot
make EVERY
person attempting to tell the truth into a puppet.  I consider Niki an example
of what the 3rd rank media whores would call a



They chop her up in videos,
they corner her on fake paytriot radio, they send spies and cops to her houses…
THEY JUST KEEP ON TRYING to get those strings to stick to her arms, legs and
mouth...  But she just shrugs it off and walks away.  She's a person.  Not a
puppet.  I believe the same can be said for Linda Kennedy.   Kennedy has exposed
Joyce Riley and Dave Von Kliest as

disinformation artists.
  Her radio broadcasts that teach disinformation
strategies and explain HOW to look at current events are invaluable. 


Bobby Garner
, Peter Kawaja, Niki
Raapana and Linda Kennedy are all excellent examples of what appear to be honest
people attempting to teach others about information they have discovered.  I say
they appear to be honest, because NO ONE should accept information that they
have not researched for themselves.  People are
easily.  Most people want a ‘leader’.  Each of us can be fastened to
our puppet strings, and be made to dance; if we simply follow the
leaders we are provided.


Please click on Bobby
Garner’s page for the 25
rules of disinformation.
  This is a primer for understanding how what you
believe is the truth might be a

complex LIE