Saturday, December 22, 2018

The New Chronology, Mud Flood, Hidden History and Lost Technology

I'm writing this for my friend. I'm asking for her help.

She lives in Bucharest Romania.

...after watching a few hours of the MUDFLOOD videos on youtube.
 I was thinking that ancient and strange city might have some evidence if she's willing to look.

For those that don't know, the NEWCHRONOLGY has been popularized mostly by Anotoly Fomenko of Russian Academic fame. He allegedly stumbled into 'doubting the chronology of history' via his mathematical work. It started--innocently enough--in an attempt to solve anomalies with the moon.

There is an overview HERE. Basically, Fomenko tried to correct or reevaluate what science was saying about certain eclipses, and instead he found that Joseph Scaliger was way off in his chronology of history.  There is some deep digging into Scaliger and the controversy of his now 'well accepted timeline of history, HERE. Basically, there was a lot of people who thought Scaliger was a lying two-faced piece of fake shit... And his whole family was pretending to be royalty.

So if you start searching out this stuff you find Silvie Ivanowa of "newearth" on you-tube, and up until recently... There was not a lot more.  Fomenko and Ivanowa were the main thing you'd find... And most of Fomenko's stuff is either in russian, or subtitled, so it's not easy to watch videos about it. You can find a bulk of his work translated into english--FOR FREE  here.
Fomkeno's basic story is that 1000-1300 years of history have been ADDED to our timeline, making the 'ancient times' much closer to us than we think--AND--the concept that various kingdoms and historical accounts have been duplicated in a "copy-paste" type way, renamed, and pushed back in time to various degrees to create the illusion of ancient kingdoms and events.  Follow the links above for a better overview.

Silvie of 'newearth' on YouTube has beautiful and amazing videos... Many find her work less credible because she includes speculation about fairies, the "survivors of Atlantis/Hyperborea", and also dwarfs, giants etc etc.

 Some people are also uneasy with her explanations of how she's lived in South America using AYHUASCA for more than a year... And how this has lead to at least some parts of her discoveries. I don't hold these things against her... Her work is amazing and well put together.  Everyone must take "all with a grain of salt" and test for themselves what they find to be good or true. Her and Fomekno are quite opposite... But her videos are beautiful, enlightening, and she has a funny sense of humor that she peppers in here and there.

Recently I've noticed the information about a huge Mud Flood that ties into the idea of hidden history.  Long story short... There was a big mud flood--you can see evidence of it all over the world--and it even involved the loss of a whole generation of adults... Orphans in the thousands being carted around on trains... The loss of ancient 'free engergy' technology and so on.

CONSPIRACY-R-US has a decent short video about it here: MUD FLOOD EVIDENCE PT 1


I've also been seeing a ton of speculation about TARTARIA  and how they've been erased as a "Country and Nation". They claim it was primitive when actually it was a world-wide Phenomenon.

 If you follow this whole "En Vogue" movement, you'll see VIDEO upon VIDEO, and even Facebook groups, Instagram and Twitter MUDFLOOD hashtags... And the list goes on.

The one thing I've seen mentioned that I haven't really searched about yet is "Star Forts".  I know they say the Statue of Liberty in the USA is standing on a "Star Fort"... But I guess I'll have to search that up and get back to you with another post!

Please let me know in the comments if you find any information that is unique and specific to your local area!

[Amazing "newearth" video after my 2nd main paragraph!]