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 I was inspired by a tweet from the producer of a podcast called "The Quash", where a lawyer exposes the manifold lies in history and politics and so on... So I replied to his  tweet with a "quote tweet" and wrote the following.  Enjoy:

One of the more common tactics is called "Paralleling". They know they cannot hide or destroy the truth--so--they use large sections of the truth to create what appears to be an identical narrative--but--they omit &/or change significant details to protect their interests,

and then they grease the skids with lots of money and media...

The "parallel" story is given to talking heads and "alt-media experts" and it's pushed upon the public as "the truth".

This creates a tasty distraction from the less linear "real truth" which is harder to find now, 
& harder to put together into a narrative without the complete set of facts which have been omitted & hidden.

Typically the "parallel" has elements of dramatic production value. This captures peoples attention and also often hinges on people's desire for drama and disagreement. 
They've used this paralleling tactic for centuries if not millenniums. It allows these hidden "families" to remain in power & control the flow of information. They can dole out huge swaths of the truth as a way to garner credibility--but--the omissions and lies steer the public 
mind more towards the dramatic narrative and away from uncomfortable evidence that reflects back onto the hidden power structure in a damning way.

They know that "the crowd" would eventually clamor for their heads in an uproar if the truth was laid bare for all to see. 
I learned about this from a woman named "Linda Lea Kennedy". She was a lawyer in Virginia.

When she discovered massive fraud and "wet ink documents" being created in the courts--she made great effort to expose it--and in her attempts to hold people to account, she was disbarred 
...and they even refused to let her record her own disbarment hearing.

She did smuggle in a tape recorder & the audio used to be on her website, "Precious Time Radio".

She was a truth teller, and you can still find remnants of her work on if you search
"Christian Attorney Linda Kennedy" or "Precious Time Radio", or "Late Great Peter Kawaja".

Agents attacked her work & most of her efforts were maligned & erased.

She worked for a time with "The Power Hour" radio show, hosted by Joyce Riley & Dave Von Kleist.

They were agents. 
Joyce Riley was a great example of "Paralleling" concerning the alleged "Gulf War Syndrome" and the details behind what had happened during the 1st Iraq invasion.

"Habib Peter Kawaja" was a government contractor offering security services and when he'd stumbled into an operation 
where they were secretly manufacturing weapons grade cyanide ["prussian blue"], in Boca Raton Florida, he started copying all of their documents and recording all of their phone calls and more.

He even notified the "abc agencies" of what he'd found, and instead of helping him, 
they identified him as a liability and advised him to "keep up the good work" (of spying) although they did not realize how capable and prepared he was to pull down and keep good evidence of their crimes.

Eventually it turned into a vicious game of cat and mouse--all attempts to 
entrap or seduce Kawaja for his evidence were failing--and--they sent in Joyce Riley to attempt to seduce him and manage/control the situation.

At 1st Kawaja believed Riley but eventually he sniffed her out as an agent/plant and changed his focus to exposing her. 
The truth of Peter's story was that he'd found evidence of "Chemical Weapons Manufacture" in Florida and it was connected to a Frenchman named Louis Champon, who was getting funding from the Barboudi family out of Libya.

Joyce Riley changed the key points of the story... 
She replaced "chemicals weapons" with " biological weapons" and also added a dramatic "contagious dormant disease" element to the story and tied all of it to the alleged "Gulf War Syndrome", which was really just part of their parallel story's manufactured elements. It was a 
piece of a strategy that worked to cover up the experiments they were doing on US soldiers during Gulf War I.

The sickness and problems stemmed from vaccines and other tests being done on the soldiers under cover of the fog of war.

Riley is a good example of "Paralleling" 
because she came in as an agent alleging to help--and even when she failed to take full control of the operation and was exposed by the main target (kawaja himself)--she STILL managed to spin a similar narrative and take the focus away from chemical weapons manufacturing on US 
soil and re-direct the soldiers and other 'public eyes' towards their now dramatized "biological weapons" that also included the 'dormant contagious dissease/antidote' narrative with it's Holywood-esque draw to make people scared and curious.

I could go on and on, but I'll stop 

If you liked this thread, you can share it, & if it gets enough shares/likes & comments, I could pull from my old archives & supply even more details about "paralleling" or about the Kennedy/Kawaja/Riley affair.

Thanks for reading if you made it this far!



Monday, May 30, 2022



I have been studying this topic since at least 2004. Maybe earlier. Back then it was 'forum posts' where you'd see the blatant hijacking and 'flaming of threads'.

There were guides showing how 'agents/shills'were assigned to take over boards or how to slide & bury information that they wanted to keep out of the public eye.

This huge thread from reddit explains how pervasive all of this is now in the late 2000s:

r/shills - Astroturfing Information Megathread- revision 8628 votes, 66 comments. Government Shills (Thread with ) (2 minute video) Shilling in the Private Sector [in Taiwan] Shill Bots Information about …
This is all very real, but most people just don't know or they discount how serious the problem is, because the internet "feels real"... Especially social media.

It really feels like you're interacting with real people.
And having a lot of "irl" contacts hides & masks that up to 40-50 percent of your interactions are with paid agents, shills, astroturfers (especially in political arenas), & lots of bots & AI.... So it's impossible to tell if you're even dealing with real people!
People get lulled into a comfortable stupor online.... Their social media and other web interactions make them forget that people are vying for their attention and especially for their money and consent.

If you click "bot farm", these photos and articles are prevalent:
Now THINK! Go back and really study this reddit link:

r/shills - Astroturfing Information Megathread- revision 8623 votes, 66 comments. Government Shills (Thread with ) (2 minute video) Shilling in the Private Sector [in Taiwan] Shill Bots Information about …
It shows that gov't, military, intelligence agencies, mega-coroporations and others are all working day and night with billion dollar budgets to manage your online experience. It's an illusion that it's organic. It's not. They trends are set by agreement.
The censorship & 'narrative creation' is worse than ever before. They are slowly hedging us into a series of digital prisons--AND--they are polarizing us & making us fight against each another.


Your web experience is NOT organic.
The first interview I ever did online was with @jessewaugh. He invited me to talk about the tactic called "paralleling". Jesse is passed away now. He got sick in 2019 and never recovered. (#rip)

He was one of the 1st people to get popular on yotube for casting doubt on #Nukes.
IN our interview, he explains how shills took over his message board and made it all about hating jews and hiding the organic conversations that were leading to good research and discoveries.

You can listen to the interview here:

SEAN ALGER ON PARALLELING — Jesse WaughSean Alger enlightens Jesse Waugh on methods which have been used to co-opt authentic discoveries of the truth behind covert government operations - including spelling out how Jesse's own NUKE LIES v…
I learned these techniques in the early 2000s from a woman who was called "Christian Attorney Linda Kennedy". She was a lawyer who got disbarred in Virginia for exposing corruption and document forgery (and more) in the courts of that state.
I haven't seen her online in more than ten years. I would not be surprised if she's dead or gone into hiding.

She had a show called "Precious Time Radio" and all the archives and web pages are scrubbed or just dead links.

She would explain the tactics used by intel agents.
"PARALLELING" is the one I think is best to be aware of. They use it to get you off track from the 'real truth'. They create a nearly identical narrative--remove the info they don't like--& get some agent to promote it in a similar way to the truth.

There are other tactics too:
LIMITED HANGOUT: This is when they run stories about something like Epstein or other 'controversies', but they only reveal a small bit of the facts, & they also 'steer you wrong' in their conclusions. Netflix docu-series about 'mee too' or 'pedos'... these are limited hangouts.
By searching "" i just found some old links and audios on Kennedy's old web pages.

If you wanna giggle at bad web design and see some of the references, CLICK HERE NOW:…
In conclusion,

I had to leave this thread and finish up after a bunch of errands, so I kinda lost my flow along the way.

I'll include an archive from a little known researcher named Bobby Garner, who had the now defunct ''.
Here's a link to Bobby's email archive... It was a treasure trove of research and especially valuable for understanding disinformation and using it to see how so much misinformation is created by it.…
If you've made it this far--THANK YOU--and remember, if you ever doubt that we're all being played like a fiddle in the 'information war', just remember this thread--or--google the 'counter-intelligence budget' for any of the years in the last decade, and remember:

Monday, May 9, 2022


Feeling distractible today--it's snowing in Boise--and hopefully it's the last.

Do you ever just welcome the distracted and interrupted feeling?

...even though you have a 'list of stuff to do', and just embrace the interrupting nature of the mind and the world in tandem?
And still "get things done", but also fall into the euphoric smooziness of 'whatever's next'?

I get lost in my google photos drive. Usually it's an accident, but today, it was intentional.

I find all the vainglorious self portraits--that I've modified into oblivion--because
I'm like @FridaKahlo, and one of my own best subjects is ME.

It's something I know a lot about.

And I make these swirls. Because I think Howdie is right. And we're repeating patterns in a system. And I notice. (And the cycle is 9 years).

So I welcome the swirl. Because:

And so many other good clich├ęs that I can live my life by.

"PRIDE IS A HIDE" ever heard that one?

Probably not.

It's a rare gem from the world of "release".

And it means that you use PRIDE as a strategy to HIDE from deeper truths.
Truths about YOURSELF.

And Pride lets you believe you're so smart, and so capable to figure out what's going on, and so cocksure and knowing, that you remain limited--and gladly--by pride.

...but if you can see it--and tie it to the places you feel a 'wanting sensation', then--
you can "LET IT GO", and you move up into a space beyond pride.

And sometimes it feels courageous. Or peaceful. Or accepting.

And the fearful jag and jerk of pain that was hovering there--a subtle but half-aware feeling--of knowing you're lying to yourself...

It dissolves.
And there's an increased sense of awareness of the world.

Maybe even a feeling of having jumped timelines. Sometimes

we jump

and it feels like we're 'back where we used to be'.

A woman helped me to make a mantra to dissolve a spiritual contract I'd put on myself at age 15...
And after I'd repeated it daily for 3 weeks or more--I felt the sense of release--and I the awareness came to me... That I'd jumped onto a track that I'd left behind way back when.

And I started growing my hair.

Because I knew it would

...and it did.
And my ability to make art & to dance and to sing and to play music... They all increased in power.

And my fear of being judged and my fear of repercussion--they all melted slowly away.

And the process continues yet today!

And I take many liberties and make many pieces of art:
And I take a zillion photographs... Even with no plan to print or share or edit them.

And I feel more and more free.

I welcome my freedom above all else. Even if it feels like I'm gonna be crushed, or die, or be ridiculed or attacked.

I say "great!"


...I welcome it all.
But I don't die, and I don't get attacked. It's all just thoughts and feelings. And you can welcome them and they'll just hang around for a second and then they'll go away.

And there's this sense of relief and joy and peace and strength.

And then the aciton steps are easier.
& you can leave the typos sometimes--without a worry--not caring if the grammar nazis cruise your thread & notice, or chime in, & if they do, you can admit:

And sometimes the energy carries, and sometimes it fades. Like now. Like this feeling to zap one more picture into the thread...


(like I just did, just now...)

Friday, April 15, 2022


I WAS REQUESTED TO SHARE SOME OF THE ALT SEARCH ENGINES I USE DAILY, THE FOLLOWING IS A SHORT LIST (there are more, but these I use most often): QWANT GIBIRU "Searx" has a page of "instances" where it appears on the web. (click the 1st link in this line to see the 'instances'.) The 'instance' I use most often is the SEARX OF BELGIUM. ALSO PLEASE NOTE:  

Learning to use modifiers to refine your search results is a big key to finding 'difficult/lost/hidden' results. While most of us know about using "quotation marks", there are a butt-load more modifiers, and you can find a lot of them HERE. 

Below this line is a series of other search functions that prove helpful when trying to find documents or other 'difficult to locate' files, articles or books etc:
Someone posted these on Facebook, sharing here for reference and bookmarking for myself: - Academic Resource Search. More than a billion sources: encyclopedia, monographies, magazines. - a search for the contents of 20 thousand worldwide libraries. Find out where lies the nearest rare book you need. - access to more than 10 million scientific documents: books, articles, research protocols. is a library of scientific bioscience journals published in developing countries. - volunteers from 102 countries have collected almost 4 million publications on economics and related science. is an American state search engine on 2200+ scientific sites. More than 200 million articles are indexed. is the largest website for free download of books in PDF format. Claiming over 225 million names. is one of the most powerful researches on academic studies texts. More than 100 million scientific documents, 70% of them are free --- Further listing from a contact who asnwer a question of mine on Discord:
  1. here's a couple of libraries. I think z-lib is back up but don't know the new URL for podcasts, audiobooks and the like you could try downloading and installing It's been around for decades and has really niche and rare music (electronic, metal) and podcasts, audiobooks on it
  2. is great (not sure if it has audiobooks) and is out of copyright audiobooks, kinda like