Friday, May 28, 2021


 Here's a thread I wrote on twitter--all about this goddamned video of kids investigating a weird policing robot--and how the video itself and the comments below it are all slanted IN FAVOR of the robot and being CRITICAL of the children.

Read below the dash for my unrolled thread from twitter:


This seems like propaganda to garner sympathy for the robot, too me.

Of course the children are going to investigate and even 'attack' something so strange as an anthropomorphic machine.

The 'spin' of the video's narrative is much more troubling to me than the kids behaviors.
They act like we should be ok with a robot patrolling, and that we should accept their computer modeling of behavior as legitimate and beyond reproach.

Computer models are infamously bad in their results. Just look at Covid-19 if you want a recent and glaring example. 
In my opinion the children were super well behaved. They gave it a few light kicks & a few gentle knocks on the head. They probably said stuff like, "Hey what the fuck are you doing here metal face!", or other similar questions.

They didn't knock it down and gut it for parts! 
Humans are territorial and curious by nature, and kids have these qualities in spades.

It's not automatically "abuse" for children to work as a group/pack and to interrogate a newcomer. How else are they supposed to feel safe and protected in their lowly and weak positions? 
A bigger robot equipped with arms or a net could just pick them up and carry them away.

I'd say they treated the "policing automaton" with a decent level of trust and curiosity.

And they program the robot to go "hide by the parents".

Why not program it to offer reassurance or dialogue that improves it's level of acceptance? If they're going to use the goddamned things (which of course they should not), why not make it ingratiate & subserviate itself to human kind? Especially children!?

"The Robots are Here" 
...and now we're all going to have to "accept it" and get used to this propaganda about how the robots are being treated.
I can tell you this:

In rural Oregon, in the 1970s, little boys would have pushed this thing over onto a bike trailer--pedaled it home--and blown it to bits! 
They'd have snagged an M80 from the family fireworks cache and shoved it into the space between it's "head" and "neck".

And when it was destroyed and hanging wires all agape... They'd have divvied p the parts for adding to their bicycles as adornment, or taken it home to reshape 
make it into rockets from older propaganda about "space", & bragged to their older brothers that the robot was DEAD!

Now we see a video of "kids being kids" and the subtitles give us this "wary vibe", like it's some horrible behavior.


You wanna know what's horrible? 
Exposing children in a public space, to automatons that are programmed by the "state" & "corporations", to investigate & interrogate kids--and then--acting like the children are in the wrong when they give it a gentle knock on the "head" or a "kick in the shin".

That's What BAD! 
...not these kids.

C'mon folks.

Don't fall for every blithe piece of "pro-robot" bullshit you see.

After all, it's about to get a lot worse with these types of things running around everywhere. 
What next? Sympathy for semi-intelligent "AI Delivery Drones"?

Not from me.

I'll be collecting them.

Maybe with a modified "net shooting gun" and a side hustle for contraband drone components.

Please remember: 
Children are mostly innocent--even if the act like assholes sometimes.

Robots are NEVER innocent. Because they were programmed by men and women that you've never met.

Did you even think about that?

...this thing was probably programmed by some fucking Israeli.




"AIGO" stands for "And It Goes On".

It's my own version of "So It Goes" by my favorite author, Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

I've been adding that to the end of my journal entries and other writings for decades now... I'm not sure if I've ever explained it until now.