Saturday, January 3, 2009

Breaking the Bottle on the Bow

What should I write? For my first post? I feel the need to explain myself. I read a book, probably in the late 90's, called "Pawns in the Game" by William Guy Carr. Mr. Carr makes a strong case against the "elite powers" of the world. He claims that via Freemasonry they are manipulating governments, populations, religions etc. Their goal is to control the entire earth.

I studied his work carefully. I read the book twice. I started looking up other anti-masonic research on the Internet. Eventually my interests faded, and my active search ceased. I fell back to sleep. I was still suspicious. I did not forget what I had learned. I just went on with my life. I still laughed when I heard the news. I blamed the government for Sept. 11th, but I didn't really MEAN it. I didn't realize how REAL it was.

Sometime around 2003 my best friend saw Dylan Avery in a brief interview on FreeSpeech TV. He was talking about 9/11 being a "controlled demolition". I had never imagined such a thing. My friend showed me "" by Alex Jones and I was overwhelmed. Guy Carr and all that old Masonic research came flooding back to me. I was awake. I was angry. I was obsessed and I read without a break. It was at least a year before I slowed down. By the time I was done I considered Alex Jones and Dylan Avery to be liars. Agents of the government-or worse. Agents of an invisible power.

I had learned about World Zionism and I really thought I had found the answer. I wasted hours arguing with people online. I tried to "convince" people that being anti-zionist was not anti-semtic. People's knee jerk reactions about Jews would drive me crazy. I became obsessed with Zionists. Daryl Bradford Smith, Eric Hufschmid and Christopher Bollyn were providing tons of information Zionism and I was enthralled. Working as a trio, Smith, Hufschmid and Bollyn really seemed to fill in the details. Now I've come to believe that all three of them are agents or controlled media figure heads. If you haven't been following the "conspiracy theorists" in the last 4-5 years, you probably think I sound paranoid. The amount of lies that saturate the television, newspapers, books and especially the Internet, are not something I can convince you of. You'll have to find out for yourself. It is a filthy world. Everyone is lying. Most of them have no idea it is true.

Two researchers brought me up out of the "anti-zionist" rut. Coincidentally they were both women. Linda Kennedy and Niki Raapana. Linda Kennedy is a disbarred atty from Virginia. She exposes disinformation on her radio show. See my links list. Kennedy introduced me to Peter Kawaja. I can't explain his story here. It is the top link. Start reading and understanding who he is. It is important. I found Niki Raapana's research because I wanted a more complete understanding of this "Hegelian Dialectic" I kept hearing/reading about. I typed in "what is the Hegelian Dialectic", and my understanding of the coming WORLD GOVERNMENT has never been the same. If you've never heard of Communitarianism, you need to go read Niki's web pages. Again-see my links section.

I'm gonna call this my first post. I'll be back. Don't believe everything you think.

-So it goes-



  1. Anonymous4/1/09 04:57

    Sean, I appreciate your defense on Cumbey's blog.

    At first I thought you'd been holding out on me about having a blog. Now I see that this is a brand new move.


  2. Anonymous6/1/09 10:50

    Sean, I posted a comment here the day after yoiu started this blog. I found it from a link on Cumbey's blog. Something obviously went wrong, so I'll not put too much into this until we see if its going to work now.

    Congratulations on you effort! Hang in there and don't get discouraged. Keep the content moving and the search engines will direct the traffic your way.

  3. Bobby,

    I forgot which e-mail I had this blog set up through! That explains the comments going missing i.e. me not approving them. Thanks for reminding me.

    I'd like to think that things with the "cumbey bunch" will smooth out, but I'm not so sure. When I study history, religion or politics, I don't limit myself to what I'm comfortable with. If I land on a page that attempts to refute something, even if is the birth of Christ or the holocaust, I don't avoid it, I try to understand it, and then decided what I "believe".

    Call me crazy, but I won't let negative labels, taboos, or scare tactics shoo me off of anything!

  4. Anonymous8/1/09 07:42

    Constance Cumbey is a liar. She posted this statement on her blog which is completely unsubstantiated, patently false and damaging to Niki's character:

    "...the Communitarian puzzle is a vital part of global governance mechanisms being put in place and Niki despite our differences over Israel and her false premise that it is a Zionist scheme -- This will finish that series."

    At 2 PM yesterday Cumbey posted in comments on Niki's blog:

    "I certainly have not lied about you"

    NO, she didn't lie "about" Niki, she lied about her research work impugning its quality and damaging Niki's character.

    At 7 PM Niki apologized for her reaction.

    Otto von Bismarck advised "Never believe anything in politics, until it has been officially denied."

    The AA says "denial is the first sign of addiction".

    The New Age believes that the denial of an accused pedophile proves his guilt.

    In Washington, it is said that nothing is true until it has been denied at least three times.

  5. Anonymous20/2/09 22:00

    In Danial and Revelation, it speaks of the French Revolution. If we look closely at the French Revolution, it will explain of the deadly wound of the Beast, (Catholic Church) and much more. The wound is almost healed, and we are about to experience the opining of Seventh Seal.

    (Moses Mason)