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I'm pasting this hear as a hope that it will help other seekers find what has been archived or deleted.  John Frusciante had posted this at his website/blog.  I don't recall how many years ago... Maybe as many as 5 years ago?  I don't know for sure.  I'd found it be searching the archives and with modified google strings... And I zapped it 'copy-pasta' into a google doc.

This piece of writing speaks to me deeply about the creative process, and it overflows for me into spirituality, philosophy and even themes of deep estoericism and Gnosticism.

I thank the anon who found and posted it!  I'm pretty sure it was on reddit:

submitted 2 months ago by Raitug
The phrase The Will To Death refers to the underlying, predominantly unintentional, organization in works by artists who love and are devoted to the creative force, but hate what they see of the life force and its ways. It is a set of abstract principles which may be applied in the creative act. In artistic symbolism, one comes close to death, and not only does he not die, but he lives more fully for having had the experience. It may be conceived as a set of musical/mathematical formulae which the musician utilizes without knowing it.
The creative force is produce of the life force, but our judgement of the life force is based on our perception of its effects, its surface, everything that happens in the external world we know. The closest we come to seeing the essence of the life force is in our perception of the creative force. In works of art, the creative force provides addition and multiplication.The creative force is assisted by human intelligence through our devotion to division and negation, and so, symbolically, from the standpoint of human intelligence, the act of creativity is a striving towards death. The reason creative action can be a fulflling life enriching thing, is because our creative thinking is negation only on the thoughts surface, the thoughts essence being identical with the wishes of the essence of the life force.
So in The Will To Death one strives towards death, but is indirectly supported by the life force, and so the artists will is always aiming at something it never reaches, for the creative force upholds the aspects of the life force which the human is blind to. And so due to feelings and inner visions, the mental divisions and subtractions an artist must be fuent in carry him down a path that is only subtractive in his relationship to his tools, while the creative force carries the additive substance of the life force which is ultimately perceived.
Subtraction and negation are always a matter of degrees, beyond which is the positive unknown, the essence of the life force. The primary perceptive apparatus of the artist is appropriately blind to the positives behind negation, yet he senses them, and he is often inwardly shown them. But just like people and their attachment to image and appearance, he cannot grasp the positive unseen and unknown, so he clings to his negations, subconsciously knowing they are attached to the life force, but consciously only knowing the life force by the world and its ways, that being his only working image of it. Were it not for the seemingly inexplicable meaning inherent in his work, he would not strive down a path of negation and division. It is the subconscious knowledge that this is actually an upward path which fuels him to continue to strive towards a greater comprehension of the negatives which to most people appear to symbolize the feared unknown, pointless to dissect. In other words, the artist strives toward death, because to him it feels like life. And when he presents his work to others, it looks like life to them, while it is actually negation anddeath which are beneath the surface. And, of course, beyond the surface of that, as I've just explained, is the life force, once again.
If an artist is applying The Will To Death, he has the following three positions in balance. He is in between, occupied with negation and separation. In front is the expression of life, visible and audible to him and to others, and behind is the creative force, visible and audible only to him. Behind which is the life force, which he can not see anymore than his spectators can see his mental negations, or the personifcation of the creative force which is perhaps known to him.
Three conditions need to be in balance for the artist to apply The Will To Death:
  1. Trust in and devotion to the part of the creative act he can not control. He must possess a conception of the diference between the creative force and himself, to a great degree in order to be controlled by it. This means a kind of letting go of the very parts of himself that share something in common with the creative force, namely, the desire to maintain a solid forward motion. This motion comes if one trusts the creative force. None of us can cause it any more than we can cause the forward motion of time. To take part in it is all that is in our power, and to do so is a great privilege. If ones love for art is great enough, their appreciation for their chance to participate in the creative act great enough, then to trust in the energy which guides them comes naturally, If the artist has an internal personifcation of this aspect of the force, then it is this that he loves and trusts, but he still must love and trust when there is no image, but only a feeling and a non-specifc, non-defned, sensible, talking force of energy. And this trust in what amounts to his own feelings, must be greater than his trust in the things people generally trust, such as general consensus, popularly accepted points of view, commonly adhered to limitations or restrictions, and present day conventions.
  2. The ability to mentally lose himself in a fascination with negations and divisions. Essential to the creative process are contradictions, taking things apart, carving away at things, and disconnecting this from that. Most important is contradiction of the force that guides him, his love for this force being so great that the contradiction can not help but lead to a new agreement. He must be going in one direction, and then switch to a new direction, without losing his way. If condition 1 is in place he need not fear going astray. The artists role is to always look for new ways to go, despite that he is not the one driving.
  3. Third is his creation of the appearance of conditions 1 and 2 as being a singular motion, not a multitude of contrary directions. This implies that conditions 1 and 2 are so balanced that there is a perfection of form in every countermovement contained within. Every counteraction soon fnds its coordinate. Every ending feels like a new beginning. Every repetition feels like a continued fow. Every negation appears as positivity and every loss appears as a gain. There can be no diference between feeling and appearance to the artist, they must be one in the same. It is this point that is stressed by the undercurrent of the life force. The life force is faraway, pertaining to arts essence, and it is also near, pertaining to the perception of the sum of all the things that comprise a works appearance. These are the sides. The artist sees three parts, what the creative force brings and perpetuates, what the artist himself twists, turns and counteracts, and the sum the artist perceives. And it is there that the artists involvement in their work must end, if The Will To Death is to be applied. Otherwise the artist is compromising condition number one, and to whatever degree he does so, the balance required for the application of The Will To Death is thrown of. The artist stands in the middle of two sides. What is beyond these is of no concern to him. He will never directly perceive the life force, and doesn't want to. And he can't hear with other peoples ears, or see with their eyes, and he sacrifces the beneft of his own senses to whatever degree he attempts to do so. The creative force is driving the artist in a car. The artist who attempts to take over the wheel will fnd The Will To Death unavailable to him, as he has made himself unavailable to it. Humans being located at a single point in the moment is the reason we hear and see as we do, and it is this which makes art and its perception possible in the frst place. Our limited scope of vision is a gift, allowing us to see left from right, up from down, positive from negative and so on. Because each of us possesses a singular perspective, we can trust what we see and feel. We can contradict ourselves and be right both times.
So to summarize, one must allow themselves to be controlled by, yet counter, that which controls them, in such a way that the momentum and basic design provided by the controller remains, while the will and individuality of the artist persists. The creative force is half the essence of the life force and half a correlative of the artist and all his essential negativities. In The Will To Death, the creative act is a friendly argument between the creative force and the artist. This is the same as two close friends arguing about boxing. Just as both friends have a certain knowledge in common which provides the basis for the argument, the artists ability to navigate through negations and divisions aligns him with the creative force and its additions and multiplications, to the point that the argument is actually an afrmation of that which connects them.
The life force is primarily concerned with the efects of communicative energy, and the creative force is primarily concerned with the increase of the quality of art, and they have a perpetual friendly argument along these lines, and the lives and work of entertainers and artists, and the various combinations of the two, are the subjects. On the surface, it would seem that the life force always wins the argument with the creative force, and the creative force always wins the argument with artists. But while the life force created the creative force, the creative force in turn created the human perception of the life force. And the creative force creates artists, but humans mere existence creates a space for the creative force to live within. This means the apparent loser is always also the winner, as life force, creative force, artist and audience are all essentially one thing, just as a boxing argument results in the afrmation that each friend is his own man while the sport itself connects their diferences. This was all set in motion so the true wishes of the life force would be vivifed, of necessity, by negative units of itself, which gradually results in the hiddenintentions of the life force becoming visible. The creative forces purpose involves the life forces higher aspects emerging victorious over its lower aspects, and the artists purpose involves the creative forces higher aspects emerging victorious over its lower aspects. What we see of the life force and its ways may often appear detestable, but the creative force we love represents the hidden parts of the life force, which we have been given the power to cultivate. This has been put in our hands in order to bring a fower out of the dirt.
-John Frusciante JANUARY 16, 2013

I see now it was circa 2013. Thanks Johnny!  It means the world to me.

 I'll probably start blogging here again.  I was going to blog and write with Tracy R. Twyman, but she's dissapeared.  Please pray for her and support her.

I was going to also build up Rx Only PICTURESHOW, but for now  that's also a no-go.  JEM and I are not on good terms currently.  It's a long confusing story.

Here I am--absolutely depressed and distraught--playing the song, "The Will to Death", circa 2011, on my living room floor.

Let's let go and see what the Holy Spirit has to offer.  Mold me Lord Jesus.


Saturday, December 22, 2018

The New Chronology, Mud Flood, Hidden History and Lost Technology

I'm writing this for my friend. I'm asking for her help.

She lives in Bucharest Romania.

...after watching a few hours of the MUDFLOOD videos on youtube.
 I was thinking that ancient and strange city might have some evidence if she's willing to look.

For those that don't know, the NEWCHRONOLGY has been popularized mostly by Anotoly Fomenko of Russian Academic fame. He allegedly stumbled into 'doubting the chronology of history' via his mathematical work. It started--innocently enough--in an attempt to solve anomalies with the moon.

There is an overview HERE. Basically, Fomenko tried to correct or reevaluate what science was saying about certain eclipses, and instead he found that Joseph Scaliger was way off in his chronology of history.  There is some deep digging into Scaliger and the controversy of his now 'well accepted timeline of history, HERE. Basically, there was a lot of people who thought Scaliger was a lying two-faced piece of fake shit... And his whole family was pretending to be royalty.

So if you start searching out this stuff you find Silvie Ivanowa of "newearth" on you-tube, and up until recently... There was not a lot more.  Fomenko and Ivanowa were the main thing you'd find... And most of Fomenko's stuff is either in russian, or subtitled, so it's not easy to watch videos about it. You can find a bulk of his work translated into english--FOR FREE  here.
Fomkeno's basic story is that 1000-1300 years of history have been ADDED to our timeline, making the 'ancient times' much closer to us than we think--AND--the concept that various kingdoms and historical accounts have been duplicated in a "copy-paste" type way, renamed, and pushed back in time to various degrees to create the illusion of ancient kingdoms and events.  Follow the links above for a better overview.

Silvie of 'newearth' on YouTube has beautiful and amazing videos... Many find her work less credible because she includes speculation about fairies, the "survivors of Atlantis/Hyperborea", and also dwarfs, giants etc etc.

 Some people are also uneasy with her explanations of how she's lived in South America using AYHUASCA for more than a year... And how this has lead to at least some parts of her discoveries. I don't hold these things against her... Her work is amazing and well put together.  Everyone must take "all with a grain of salt" and test for themselves what they find to be good or true. Her and Fomekno are quite opposite... But her videos are beautiful, enlightening, and she has a funny sense of humor that she peppers in here and there.

Recently I've noticed the information about a huge Mud Flood that ties into the idea of hidden history.  Long story short... There was a big mud flood--you can see evidence of it all over the world--and it even involved the loss of a whole generation of adults... Orphans in the thousands being carted around on trains... The loss of ancient 'free engergy' technology and so on.

CONSPIRACY-R-US has a decent short video about it here: MUD FLOOD EVIDENCE PT 1


I've also been seeing a ton of speculation about TARTARIA  and how they've been erased as a "Country and Nation". They claim it was primitive when actually it was a world-wide Phenomenon.

 If you follow this whole "En Vogue" movement, you'll see VIDEO upon VIDEO, and even Facebook groups, Instagram and Twitter MUDFLOOD hashtags... And the list goes on.

The one thing I've seen mentioned that I haven't really searched about yet is "Star Forts".  I know they say the Statue of Liberty in the USA is standing on a "Star Fort"... But I guess I'll have to search that up and get back to you with another post!

Please let me know in the comments if you find any information that is unique and specific to your local area!

[Amazing "newearth" video after my 2nd main paragraph!]

Friday, June 24, 2016

Falling Asleep, and Waking Up Again

Hey folks...

I doubt I've got much of an audience any more.  I've found I'm in the habit of falling back to sleep.

I crack open the books, and watch the 'youtoobs', and I click the links... And it's all so harsh and disgusting--I just forget to keep learning--and I fall back into the sonambulant routine of American life.

And then something happens and I wake up again.  And I start reading again. And then I click "new post" and I start writing again.

I might start this thing back up again.  Or I might make a new one.

But I'm certainly going to do SOMETHING because the synchronicity of it all lately is just supernatural.

I'll only say this for now:




Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Stop Smoking With Help from Innanimate Objects

…did I tell you, I’m a blogger?

I’m occasionally terribly depressed. It comes in fast strong waves. Hopefully gone tomorrow—so I can deal with those bitches I work with. Some of them have penises, those bitches—and some of them don’t. Who cares? I don’t. Just stop bitching. As rarely as I complain: this time I’m ready. I’m ready to threaten suicide and let the lizard tears well up in my eyes. To hell in a bucket—swinging my feet over the side.

I try. What a wasted phrase. I try to do it all. Do it all without complaint. Maybe the typical grumblings, you know—me and the holy spirit. But without complaint. Try it, you’ll like it. You’ll feel better. Until just one fast strong wave hits. Then you’ll wish you were dead. You’ll wish you were Atlas [as he] Shrugged. Fuck it all.

“I’m offended. I’m the pan on your stove. You broke me. You forgot me. You boiled me dry—so hot—and in sheer disconsideration you filled me up again. OUCH. That burned. And you boiled me dry again. You weren’t even stoned. What is your excuse? I’m broken. My heavy metal round base is disconnected from my smooth steel underbelly. Ruined forever. And if you try tossing that heavy base into my circular mouth, and if you boil your coffee water for your French press, I’ll make it tase metallic. I’ll grumble. I’ll give you something to remember me by. My pain. Your penny flavored coffee. I’ll give you a voice like mine. Like smoke. Like Tom Waits back from the dead. Like cigarettes through a rusty cheese grater. Ungrateful. Forgetful. I’ll never forgive you. I’m not a Christian saucepan you know. Most of us ‘allegedly’ inanimate objects are not. Inanimate. Hmmph. Sheesh. Gimmie a break. No pun intended.”

Cry me a river. Hell—a slough. I’ll take what I can get.

Imagine all the complaining objects. Just sitting there. Ashtrays full of bubble gum and cigarette cellophane and gold foil torn from the ends of packs. And they complain:

“Oh for Key-wryste’s sake! Ashes people! And cigarette butts. That’s what I’m made for... I’m not your fucking garbage can. The non smokers I can forgive, but you smokers… YOU KNOW BETTAH! What? Are you trying to start a fire in here? Burn down the bar? Where the hell else are you gonna drink? At a dance club? With the music going DOOF DOOF DOOF DOOF? Right.. yeah right. A-s-h-t-r-a-y. Not a garbage can. Show some respect. Please.”

I guess this is one of those interlude blogs. I’ve been hammering away at my last entry in the “essential thoughts” series. I started this blogging hobby because my head was overflowing with ‘hidden history’ and ‘secret conspiracies’. Man. So many years of study—I had to get it out. Now I can hardly hammer out an entry every six months. Even with a goal, and a plan. I’m occupied. I’m strangled for time. I let myself be. I’m trying to do it all. Now don’t complain. Not to me. I don’t wanna here it.

[Now listen]

I’ll tell you exactly how I quit smoking. First I read a book called “The Easy Way to Stop Smoking” by Allan Carr. It’s great. If you’re going to copy my reason—you’ll have to find the book and read it. The rest of my story goes like this:

I was driving to the credit union to make an important transaction for my mother. She needed me to wire here a decent sum of money, and I had a print out of her account information. I had it in my breast pocket. I was driving and smoking, and as was my habit, I tossed my nearly finished (still burning) butt out the window. Or I thought I did.

So I walk inside and I’m immediately greeted by a bank worker, and she knows me, because my mother-in-LAW works at the credit union. The bank worker is chit chatting, I’m talking back, and I notice smoke. A tiny wisp of smoke. And I ignore it. I just ignore it.

Then as we’re talking I notice it again. And I look down. And I’m smoking. My shirt is smoking. I’m slightly ON FIRE. I look at my mother-in-law’s co-worker and I say, “Excuse me, I think I’m on fire”. I reach into my pocket. I pull out the lit cigarette butt. I MUST have dropped there. And I pull out the piece of folded paper with my mother’s account information.

I put the cigarette out. Right there. On the piece of paper. I’m embarrassed. I excuse myself and I go into the bathroom to check myself out. I wash my hands. I look in the mirror. No hole in my shirt, but a nice brown singe. Narrowly averted a real painful scene. Whew.

Then I notice the paper. It smells like a taxi-cab ashtray. It’s has holes burnt through it in at least 4 places. And it has all the information I need to finish the crucial money transfer for my mother. Fuck. This is going to suck.

I walk up to the cashier and I hand her the paper. She smiles. She knows me too. I quickly explain:

“Um, I dropped a cigarette in my pocket, and when I pulled it out, uhh, I put it out on this piece of paper, but, umm, I need to make this transaction and, uhh, all the wire transfer information is on there. Umm. Uhhmm, I’m sorry. I’m sorry but…”

So she helps me. She understands. I leave. I’m as embarrassed as I’ve ever been in my life.

There is something you need to know about me. Back in the day, I hounded my friends about not smoking. I attacked them. Verbally. Physically. I’d ask to bum a smoke, and then break the cigarette. I’d threaten to smash whole packs. Sometimes I would. So when I turned 30 and started smoking. I was humiliated. My friends looked at me in horror. A cigarette in my hand? In my hand? Impossible. Most of them were so shocked they couldn’t tease me. They rarely mocked me. They were dumbstruck. Sad. Amazed.

The night after I nearly caught myself on fire inside of the credit union, I was standing on my front porch—smoking a cigarette. I remembered the scene from earlier. I remembered Alan Carr’s excellent book—full of the world’s best “STOP SMOKING” advice. I did what he said.

Allan said when you finally come to your last cigarette, you’ll know. And you’ll be ready. He said to take that last cigarette and huff a few mighty drags. Draw it in deep and taste the disgustingness. Tell yourself how much you hate the flavor and smell. Tell yourself: I’m a non smoker. I’m never going to smoke again.

…and I am. And I won’t.

Until next time.


Friday, July 17, 2009

Five Essential Thoughts: Part Four


I’ve chosen the “New Age” as the fourth entry in my “Essential Thoughts” series. I’ve only recently begun to study this New Age information; so the position in my list is based on my lack of experience with the subject rather than its overall importance.

My research shows that this alleged New Age movement is strongly connected to every “Essential Thought” I’ve mentioned so far. It is also connected to subjects I will not touch on in this series like: Freemasonry and Secret Societies, the combining of churches and religions into ‘one group’ with ‘one mindset’. It is also connected to neo-paganism, big business, Sustainable Development and numerous other groups.

What I’m really trying to say about the New Age is this: those true believers in this “New Age” are attempting change the earth into a different place. They believe the world needs drastic change. To them drastic change equals progress. They are carrying out these changes according to information they have received from spirit guides or “transcendent” experiences. The New Age, as described by its own writers, believes that earth is passing from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius. The gurus of the New Age Movement believe they have been given divine guidance to change the world as we know it. They often refer to themselves as World Servers or New World Servers. These terms stem from the writing of an early guru of this movement named Alice Bailey. Her writing was allegedly channeled to her by a spirit calling itself Dwaj Khul (aka “The Tibetan”). Wikipedia’s entry for “New Age” has a semi-exhaustive run down of the notable personalities. It covers some of their beliefs and the special language surrounding their society. As is typical with Wikipedia, there are some nice omissions:

Wikipedia fails to mention that the “World Servers” hold Lucifer as one of their greatest inspirations. It also fails to point out that New Ager’s who are leading the movement call themselves World Servers. A little known fact about Lucifer is that he is believed by many anti-christian groups to be the “Good Guy” in the bible story, having liberated mankind with his gift of the knowledge of good and evil. Helena Blavatsky was a promoter of this strange view of Lucifer and her student, Alice Bailey also believed in this perversion. Wikipedia also omits the rolls of Freemasonry, Religion and Academia in spreading these changes across the globe.

Quoting from Alice Bailey’s famous work, “The Externalization of the Hierarchy”, p.453 her spirit guide told her to write:

"The three main channels through which the preparation for the new age isgoing on might be regarded as the Church, the Masonic Fraternity and theeducational field."

I first heard this quote from Keith Thompson. He is a writer and amateur movie maker. He has produced videos exposing the New Age agenda and refuting common claims made by New Ager’s about the origins of Christianity. The popular online movie “Zeitgeist” claims that Christianity is simply a composite of the Mystery Religions of the ancient world. Keith Thompson expounds on his research and presents his evidence via his blog and his youtube channel.

The Quote from Bailey about Masonry, Religion and Education is a revealing one. With this three prong strategy the “World Servers” are able to promote their goals with a “something for everyone” approach.

Not every person attends church, not every person is a Mason, and not every person internalizes their education in the school system. Having the secret movement of the New Age accomplish its “Great Work” within these three institutions creates a blanket effect. For a more true understanding of how these people intend to change the world, the reader needs to make an in depth study of Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (NLP). The process of ‘facilitating a consensus’ and the ‘powers of suggestion’ also need to be studied to gain an understanding of how these people operate.

The New Age does not work openly towards its goals. They present a false happy face and their ulterior motives remain hidden. Much like a vacuum cleaner salesman, they show their product in such a shining light that it looks great. By the time a person realizes what they’ve been sold, the New Age salesperson is prying her fingers into her next victim.

Alice Bailey’s writings are like a New Age gospel; her work has influence the entire world. She worked in tandem with her second husband Foster Bailey. The Bailey’s were heavily involved in Theosophy which was cofounded by Madame Helena Blavatsky. The Bailey’s split with the Theosophist Society after disagreements with another famous New Ager/Theosophist named Annie Besant. Besant had doubts concerning Alice Bailey’s ‘visions’ she was receiving from her ‘Ascended Master’, and after this falling out the Baileys parted company with the Theosophist Society.

The Bailey’s are the founders of a now famous non-profit agency called “Lucis Trust”. Originally called “Lucifer Trust”, it was established as the publishing house for Alice Bailey’s esoteric writings. Currently Lucis Trust offers publications, correspondence courses and is involved in various other pursuits.

I will now list notable names and events related to the New Age movement, giving each a brief biography and links to follow. I could write hundreds of pages attempting to explain and expose the New Age agenda, but you will find that numerous individuals have already accomplished this both in hard copy and on the internet.

Here is our Notable New Age List:

Benjamin Crème: Chief Editor of Share International Magazine and major proponent of the coming of the New Age Christ, named Maitreya.

Maitreya: The New Age Christ who will come and enlighten the world at the dawning of the New Age. Having allegedly appeared once with Benjamin Crème, Crème claims his next appearance will be very soon. Maitreya is one name for the next Buddha of Buddhism.

Maurice Strong: Former Secretary General of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, Mr. Strong is a promoter of Global Governance via the United Nations and is deeply entrenched in the U.N.’s Agenda 21 “Green” Movement. He is a well known as a New Age leader, networking expert and billionaire philanthropist.

Eliphas Levi: Famous Occultist and Magician whom is given credit for introducing the tarot card into western magic. Levi’s work has much influence with the elites of the New Age.

Aleister Crowley: The most famous Satanist of modern times, Crowley is given the most credit for having re-introduced “Magick” into the world. He famously called himself “The beast of Revelation”, was a member of the “Golden Dawn” and Ordo Templi Orientis. His famous work “The Book of the Law” allegedly came to him via his spirt guide “Aiwass”.

Marilyn Ferguson: Famous author of “The Aquarian Conspiracy”, published 1980. Ms. Ferguson became a lynchpin in the popular New Age movement with the ‘enlightening’ content of her book and her other works.

Barbara Marx Hubbard: Futurist and Author who is regarded as the “philosophical heir” of Buckminster Fuller, Hubbard is notorious for her promotion of “conscious evolution” and her belief that “no worldly peace can prevail until the self-centered members of the planetary body either change or die, that is the choice.” [From her book “Co-Creation: An Evolutionary Interpretation of The New Testament.]

David Spangler: Famous New Age co-founder of Findhorn eco-village, Spangler is a self-described “practical mystic” who has been critical of the Mass-Market reputation currently surrounding the New Age. He lectures and teaches about personal development and is involved in Community Development.

Acharya S: (aka D.M. Murdock) is a controversial author of books claiming that the story of Jesus Christ is a myth compiled and amalgamated from earlier ancient religions. Her most famous work is “Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold”. Her work was used extensively in the popular online film Zeitgeist.

I could go on forever with this list. I was tempted to create a list of people exposing or “telling the other side” of all things New Age, but I’d rather quote what my friend Bobby Garner said in a recent e-mail exchange:

Some clarification of the "New Age" label:The New Age is not the name of a movement, and it does not identify any particular group of people, their philosophies, or their activities. The popular belief that it does is not accidental, but a carefully laid device to confuse and mislead. The modus operandi was given by Marilyn Ferguson in her 1980 book The Aquarian Conspiracy. That is the title of the book, not the name of the conspiracy, and the movement that was not a movement has no organization and no name, by design. That's the nature of a real conspiracy. The New Age is a concept embodying the essence of change and transformation. For some it's the New World Order. For others it's the eventual "ascension" to a higher level post human existence. For republicans and democrats it's the Third Way of reinvented government and global economy. For Communitarians and many religions, it's the Golden Dawn of a sustainable Brave New World on a cleansed "New Earth" of their making. The New Age encompasses every facet of human existence.For me it's a counterfeit of something grand and wonderful which was intended from the beginning, but was put on hold until the questions raised in the Garden of Eden could be answered in a test of every conceivable alternative to that arrangement. The evidence I have assembled indicates that the results of that test are in and that the Master Conspiracy will fail, indeed already has, but not because of any action on the part of any man, woman, group, organization, or movement, but by indirect acts of the Almighty God. It is not yet finished, and all who are in any way aligned with the conspiracy, intentionally or not, are in great and eminent danger. This system belongs to Satan and he is finished. His system is in the throes of death. There is not going to be a New World Order, and the attempt to bring it in is destroying the old, and that destruction is bringing on a process which cannot be controlled.

Bobby’s work can be found at He has been researching the New Age and multitudinous other subjects. His work is easily approachable and in my opinion, invaluable.

This concludes my entry for all things “New Age”. Despite nearly 6 months of distractions and problems, I can finally say—HERE IT IS. What a relief. My final entry in this series will be about banks and money. As with every other subject to ponder, Banking and Finance are not what they seem. Until we meet again:

The people I distrust most are those who want to improve our lives but have only one course of action. - Frank Herbert

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Interlude: The Three Day Book Sale

I’ve just returned from a 3 day book sale a few blocks from my house. I’ve stopped in 3 times in the last two days, browsing all the titles and looking for things that appeal to me. Despite 3 visits, I’ve only come away with 5 books—one of them a gift I plan to give.

I bought an old copy of Tom Sawyer ironically marked “Clemens”. I picked up a couple of how too books: one on framing, (something I’ve always wanted to do) and one on general arts and crafts. The other two books were “The Basic Ideas of Alexander Hamilton” and “My Utmost for His Highest” by Oswald Chambers. This last one is the gift. I use this devotional book, but the writing is very old and hard to understand, so I bought this ‘updated’ version for my best friend Johnny.

I bought the Hamilton book hoping to find evidence for or against Mr. Hamilton being a secret agent of Great Brittan. With the editor fawning over him in the introduction, it does not look like I’ll find much. I might catch a slip up, if I “read between the lines”.

I was amazed at the nearly useless collection of “Non-fiction” books they had for sale. Thousands of titles, all contradicting each other on identical subjects, (usually WWII or the USSR)—and all of them LIES! Oh, and let’s not forget the JFK assassination books. They could have given over one whole table to JFK and half of the table would have been loaded down with proof or refutation of the conspiracy behind his death. All garbage! Do you think ONE of those books would mention that JFK was planning on eliminating the Federal Reserve System? And revamping or closing the CIA? And that he refused to share nuclear technology with Israel? I’d bet not. If I could, I’d ship the entire collection of books at that sale to my friend Niki. She could pick out the few useful books and burn the rest for kindling.

A few of their books were truly disturbing to observe. “The Plan” by Obama’s new chief of staff Rahm Emanuel was an outline for future communitarian governmental policies. Mr. Emanuel will have his chance to institute them now. Yuck. For those of you that don’t know, Emanuel’s father was a terrorist for Israel. Click Here for a clue.

A book titled “Green Politics” published in 1984, had a wonderful communitarian quote just inside the cover: “We are neither left nor right, we are out front.” Hows that grab you? Six full years before their guru founded the Communitarian Network and they were already “Out Front”. Funny how Niki’s recent blog on Bill Clinton’s new gun control agenda makes a similar quote. Not left, not right: FORWARD. Yeah right. Dystopia—THIS WAY.

I searched for new age books. The New Age Movement will be my next entry in the “Essential Thoughts” series. Surprisingly I didn’t find many New Age books—unless you count “The Purpose Driven Life”. I saw at least 5 copies of that in various places.

Random histories of the British Empire or of the Middle East intrigued me, but I could not bring myself to buy any. Whitewashed history does not interest me much. I hate having to read 600+ pages to glean 11 facts. An overly helpful woman asked what I was looking for, and I was perturbed. I told her, “things you can’t find anywhere”, and she persisted. “Like what?” in her glossy salesperson voice… ugh. “Like all the taboo books you and your associates have likely filtered out and have in a box somewhere. Can you lead me to that box please?” Well that is what I should have said anyway.

How do you look a stranger in the eye and tell them that you are looking for the few rare and priceless books that will reveal the truth about the coming one world communitarian government? The answer is: You Don’t. Instead you compromise. You be polite. …and in my case you leave a little irritated and walk to the Goodwill store where your overly-pregnant wife is waiting with 20 dollars worth of merchandise. She’s just called you on the cell phone, and you have all the money.

Later when I made my third trip to the book sale, I avoided that same lady, as she tried to pitch some poor girl with her “let me help you find some books” banter. Somehow the entire venture was deflating for me. I came closer to finding and buying books when I was at the Goodwill. But I didn’t buy any there either.

We did buy a beautiful little teddy bear wearing a dress and sewn on shoes. My wife was asking the girl at the counter about the price …and like some mumbling mongoloid, this girl stammered “fitty cent”, and when my wife said, “what?”, it was still “FITTY CENT.” In a whispered aside, my wife reminded me to be nice, and we made it out the door with no confrontation. Both of us are famous for attacking clerks for their lack of professionalism. I guess we have the same pet peeve. Laughing and talking about “people these days”, we decided that “Fitty Cent” was a great name for the teddy bear. So Fitty Cent it is, and Fitty Cent it was and Fitty Cent it will always be.

I may add one more interlude before we get around to Part Four of Essential Thoughts. I have a story about how I quit smoking, and it always seems to get a laugh, so I it takes a while to give an overview of the New Age Movement, I’ll write up my smoking story… A true inspiration.

Until then—keep on reading!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Five Essential Thoughts: part 3.


The third subject in my “Essential Thoughts” series is Mystery Babylon. I first was introduced to the term Mystery Babylon while reading the last book of the Bible. Revelation. Revelation is dark, confusing and one of the most argued over books in the Bible. I think it can be safely called the most controversial book on earth. I’m open to suggestions on books that rival Revelation for controversy. Revelation chapters 17 and 18 deal with the symbolic images of a woman riding a beast with many heads. Revelation 17, verse 5 says:

And upon her forehead was a name written,

Here we immediately see the deception in using the words “Mystery Babylon” together. The words are regularly referenced together as such. In this Bible quotation, the word mystery (more accurately translated-“secret”) is separated from “Babylon the Great” by a comma. What the scripture appears to be telling us is that there is a (symbolic) woman who is secretly the mother of prostitution and uncleanness in the earth. The common argument is whether this woman represents a city, a church, a country, or a combination of all of them. I do not offer you an answer based on my opinion nor do I claim to “prove” that I’ve discovered the ultimate truth of these scriptures. Everything I offer here is for the benefit of the reader’s personal studies.

In a Google search for “MYSTERY BABYLON” the top few results are interesting. The first link is a site that claims to prove that the Catholic Church is the “Mystery Babylon” of Revelation. The second link attempts to connect “Mystery Babylon” with New York City and the 9/11 attacks. The third link is a compilation of radio broadcasts made by famous shortwave radio host Milton William Cooper. This last link is the one I consider most valuable. Bill Cooper investigates all of the secret societies and ancient religions, starting from the beginning of time. He tracks then nearly up to the present in his “Mystery Babylon” series. The link provided here appears to have all of the episodes.
Continuing down the list of Google links, we find that various arguments are made, with each claiming to identify “Mystery Babylon”. One claims she could be Catholic or Jewish, a number of links claim that America is Mystery Babylon. Some claim it is a church, some claim it is a system of beliefs within numerous churches or governments, while yet others claim it is the “New Age” or “neo-paganism”… and the debate rages on.
So far, this subject has given me the most trouble in writing and researching. Communitarianism and Zionism were easy to summarize by contrast. How can I explain why I think “Mystery Babylon” is important, if it cannot be defined?
First, let me say that I do not believe that ANY of the links or search results gives us a useable definition.
William Cooper’s series comes closest to defining “Mystery Babylon”—but his definition is 46 episodes long! If you are unfamiliar with the rituals of ancient sun worship and how they relate to secret societies and current political and religious events, Cooper’s series is essential.
Going further, we find sites that claim “Mystery Babylon” is the city of Jerusalem. It is easy to overlook the significance of Jerusalem in world history. The argument can be made that Jerusalem has been the most influential city on earth at different times. Has it? A more important question would be who controls Jerusalem. Even more important—what are the future plans for Jerusalem?
If we could establish what or who controls Jerusalem, or who wants to control Jerusalem, we might be getting closer to solving the secret of Babylon the Great. If we could prove that the identical power controls Israel, the United States, Canada, China and hundreds of other countries, we would be damned close to identifying Babylon the Great.
The suggestion that “Mystery Babylon” is actually British-Israel is a rare one. British-Israel philosophy is based on the false idea that the British Royals are the true descendents of ancient Israel and therefore they have the right to rule the earth according to bloodline and prophecy.
With long hours and specific searches, you can fish out the links that explain the possible roll of British-Israel in the world. Other names for this obscure movement are Anglo-Israel, Christian Identity and “The Vigorous Protestants” among others. It is interesting to note that British Israel believes in Zionism.
Summarizing “Mystery Babylon” at this point becomes a nightmare for the writer/researcher. Let us try:

Mystery Babylon is a symbolic woman on a multi-headed beast who represents a city, a church, a nation, or a spiritual ideology, or all of the above, (or possibly only parts of each.) She could be Catholic, Jewish, British, American, Iraqi, or of unknown origin, and she is the mother of fornication and abominations in the earth. We know that Ancient Babylon was famous for its hedonist paganism and therefore Mystery Babylon carries with her the spirit of neo-paganism, or of the New Age, and she represents the high priestess/goddess of the Mystery Schools and Secret Societies i.e.
Freemasonry, Rosicrucians, The Pilgrim’s Society, B’nai B’rith, Scientology, Knights of Malta, the Jesuits, etcetera etcetera ad infinitum.
Her influence is of the devil. Her tactics and goals are well hidden. They are enigmas within enigmas. She uses
dialectical devices to further her deceptions and ensure her disguises. Her goal is complete control of the world and the eradication of God himself.

An expert at lies and deception will always be ahead of the game. Knowing the truth will eventually come out; the liar will craft careful plans to sidetrack the “truth seeker”. According to this logic, the promotion of ANY of the above mentioned theories on Mystery Babylon could lead to deception.

For example: If one side claims it is the Catholic Church and the other side claims it is Zionism, it is possible that the REAL Mystery Babylon has maneuvered these pawns into place so they can be blamed and accused, creating distractions and disagreements and thereby shielding the truly abominable harlot from her blame. Controlling all opposition to is an ancient concept.
If you have not studied the Hegelian Dialectic—you are a victim of it. The philosopher Hegel explained his ideas on how to manipulate the masses and “synthesize” a desired effect. By creating a problem, anticipating the reaction, and then providing a solution you can “synthesize” a desired result. This is Hegel’s dialectic in its most base form.
Think of it like this:

You own 10 houses. An infamous mobster in your town comes and offers to insure each of your houses for 100 dollars a month. You politely refuse. That next week, 3 of your 10 houses burn down. The mobster then returns and makes a new offer. He’ll insure your 7 remaining houses for 200 dollars each per month. After very little thought, you take him up on the offer. You’ve just become a victim of the Hegelian Dialectic.

The reason I suggest the study of the dialectical process is this: Whatever “Mystery Babylon” is, it moves forward using the dialectic. It plans problems, anticipates reactions from the masses, and has its solutions ready.

What you are NOT likely to find in studying the dialectic is its fourth phase, called TRANSCENDENCE. This is portion is almost never mentioned, but was unearthed by a studious researched named Bobby Garner. The gist of dialectical transcendence is this: once sufficient amounts of synthesis have been created, you reach a final synthesis. The Transcendence. The transcendence is the process of starting a whole new age. A new game. A “New World Order”. “The Age of Aquarius”… and so on.

We would all do well to study the plans of those who claim to be “elite”. Understanding the desires of men who seek Utopia at any cost will help the reader to predict the future before it happens. This allows us to become physically and spiritually prepared. Many believe there is an ongoing battle between good and evil—Between God and the Secret of Babylon the Great. I confess that I believe this battle is real, and I believe that the Victory is in understanding the words of Jesus Christ.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Five Essentials Thoughts: Part 2.

Modern Zionism

I chose the Modern (
political) Zionist Movement as my second entry because it is mostly unknown, highly controversial and insulated from being examined because it is considered taboo to be critical of Jews.

Starting in the middle 1800’s with
Moses Hess, the idea of a national home for Jews re-appeared. The debate existed in ancient times, as a religious disagreement within the tribal nation of Israel: God had exiled the Jews for their lack of obedience. Some Israelites had a desire to re-occupy their tribal lands, in contradiction of God’s mandate.

The modern Zionist Movement, beginning with Moses Hess (and comically with
Henry Wentworth Monk,) eventually flowered into a powerful political ideology. The “problem” of Jews failing to assimilate into the countries and cultures they lived in created a need for a “National Jewish Homeland” in the minds of some elitist intellectuals.

Theodor Herzl is typically given credit for fathering the idea of a “Secular Jewish State”. His most famous work concerning Zionism is his book “The Jewish State” written in 1896. By 1897 Herzl had called the First Zionist Congress. Despite some bickering over the location, Herzl was finally able to establish Basel Switzerland as the meeting place. The World Zionist Organization was born, and their agreed goal was to have a Jewish state. Zionism has remained a controversial subject within the Jewish community since its re-emergence in the middle 1800’s.

The true goal of Modern Zionism was the establishment of the Jewish State of Israel. This goal was accomplished on
May 14, 1948 when the United Nations declared two separate states to exist in those hotly debated Middle Eastern territories: namely Israel and Palestine. U.S. President Harry Truman immediately acknowledged Israel, making the United States the first to recognize Israel as a country. Palestine has never been recognized as a country—thus the problems of the Middle East continue to this day. Technically, Zionism today is support for the state of Israel. True political Zionism accomplished its goal in 1948 when Israel fought its “War of Independence”.

This is the little known
truth about the Zionist movement—they used terrorism and intrigue to establish their foothold in the Middle East. It was the Jews who introduced explosives to the Arabs (read the last link carefully). The car bomb was a tool first used by Militant Zionist groups like the Hagana, The Stern Gang (Lehi), the Irgun and the less widely known Palmach. The most notable Zionist Terrorist attacks were the Lavon Affair (known in Israel as the shameful affair) and the King David Hotel Bombing.

Both of these attacks were carried out with Jewish Militants posing as Arabs. Placing the blame for the bombings on Arabs would strengthen the position of the Militant Zionists and garner support. Zionism has a long history of
False Flag Terrorism, with some people speculating that they were responsible for the 9/11 attacks.

The effects of Zionism touch each part of society. Zionism has a huge influence on
politics. Amazingly—it is mostly hidden in the United States. Media sources and politicos take the United States’ support for Israel for granted. We were first in recognizing Israel, and we remain first in supporting her: in word and in deed.

The most startling reality, in my opinion, is the massive support for Zionism outside of the Jewish community. The
Christian Zionists support Israel financially (with regular donations), politically (with sermons of military solidarity), and spiritually with prayers and special interpretations of scripture.

The support for Israel in the mainstream media and entertainment industry is startling. If you want information that is
less biased, you will have to rely on the international press. Even the international press is slanted in Israel’s favor, but they are willing to criticize—something the U.S. mainstream media is rarely capable of. While Arabs are regularly painted as terrorists in the news, movies and on television, the role of any Jew, (especially an Israeli), as a terrorist, or a criminal is all but missing from their scripts.

My continued studies of world events have led me to many shocking subjects. But none shocked more than to learn that Modern Political Zionism had such an enormous influence in the world. I had never heard of it. It was never mentioned in school, and when I became a student of Zionism, I was immediately labeled as a racist, bigoted, Jew-hating
anti-Semite. Being I had known only two Jewish friends in my life, I was shocked to find that I allegedly hated them so much—and I didn’t even know it!

Usually prejudice stems from a repeated string of personal experiences. I know an old man who used to own a chain of ice cream parlors. He was repeatedly robbed, mugged and beaten by various black men who had moved into the neighborhood. To this day he is prejudice against blacks. Although I disagree with his prejudice, I understand it. He is gun shy based on his extremely negative past experience. For people to claim that I was now “anti-Semitic”, simply because I had begun to study
World Zionism and found a TON of conflicting and negative information, was shocking.

I have tried to see the
positive side of the Zionist movement, but it just does not work for me. I sympathize with the Palestinians when the Israeli Defense Forces use machine guns, tanks and grenades to respond to kids throwing rocks and the occasional rocket fire.

Lastly I must say that I think that the Jewish people have
suffered from Zionism the most. Many Jews were staunchly anti-Zionist from the beginning. Many more still are today. In retrospect, the idea that a strictly Jewish state can be established in the middle of a bunch of Arab and Muslim countries is absurd. Jews who have been fooled into moving to Israel, to live in fear of Arab attacks, are suffering needlessly. Zionist ideology is to blame.

I bought a book called “
God Cried” for ten dollars on the internet. Written by Tony Clifton with photographs by Catherine Leroy, the book describes the invasion of Lebanon by the Israelis in 1982. Similar to the invasions of Gaza that have happened recently, the Israeli’s bombed schools and hospitals in Lebanon. They machine gunned innocents and rocketed ambulances—all in the name of Zionism. Mr. Tony Clifton makes a terrific observation near the end of his writing in “God Cried”. He describes his feelings while visiting the ruins of a place called Masada.

The story of Masada goes like this: In ancient times the Romans had conquered everything except a small fortified plateau in Israel called Masada. It was held by a group of warrior Jews. Having supplies and excellent defense because of their location, the Jews held out and were not overcome by the Romans for a long period of time. The Romans, being patient and having their own resources, built an enormous
earthen ramp up to the fortifications of Masada. (This was a common Roman tactic.) To make a long story short, when the Romans finally got inside, the Jews had all committed suicide to avoid being overcome by their captors. Ironically the entire story has been proven to be myth, by a Jewish archeologist.

Tony Clifton’s observation, as he was writing his memories of Masada, was that he thought the Arab nations would eventually do just what the Romans had done. In time they would build their ramp of solidarity against the State of Israel, and one day their cohesion would reach the point of strength, and they would conquer the Jewish state.

I’m not sure if I agree with Tony on this point, but it is a gruesome possibility. I personally believe that Israel and Zionism have been
intentionally set up for defeat at some time in the future. A dialectical process: Create a problem, observe the reaction, and supply a solution. My next entry in this series will delve into the dialectic more so—confronting the groups and peoples who allow it to work effectively—whether they realize it or not…