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Lil Peep Death Magick Blog Post Deleted by "Secret Sun Speaks" (aka Chris Knowles)

 ...reposting here because I dunno why he pulled it down, but I want an easy reference:



Signs and Portents: Lil Peep Swims to the Siren

Well, here we go again. 

Emo rapper Lil Peep-- a rising talent in a genre I had no idea actually existed-- is dead of an OD. He was found on his tour bus, which was parked in the lot of The Rock nightclub in Tucson, Arizona.

Regular readers can probably guess where this is going already...

I was oblivious to this Lil Peep guy until Greg Carlwood clued me in on his death. In true Siren fashion he did so while I was contemplating putting the whole issue to rest and moving on.  No such luck. The Siren's just getting started. 

And there are messages we still need to discuss that are infinitely more important than a handful of dead rock stars. Which I'm starting to believe is the actual point of all of this death and madness.

I checked out some of Lil Peep's videos; Emo rap sounds very 90s. In fact, Lil Peep claimed he wanted to be the Kurt Cobain of the genre. Looks like he got his wish. Just not in the way he probably hoped for, unfortunately.

Peep-- like so many gifted musicians-- struggled with depression and substance abuse but was reportedly was in good spirits at the time of his death. Which is often the way these things seem to go, sadly.

His name is derived from the old nursery rhyme about the unfortunate shepherd girl. 

Yeah, you know exactly where this is all going by now.

There are a number of variations on the rhyme but they all deal with Bo Peep losing her flock and being unable to find them. It's actually a bit dark. All the more so given that the term Bo Peep originally referred to being pilloried, or tied to a post for public humiliation.

But you know me-- my antennae began oscillating when I heard a young man who gave himself the name of a young shepherd died at too young an age.

All the more so when I saw the title of his new album....

... which called this song to mind. And especially when I remembered this was the song playing in the 2002 BBC documentary on Jeff Buckley as Our Lady, Queen of Oracles finally revealed the truth of their love affair.

I got a faint whiff of this ill-starred album as well, which were recordings made in Memphis before Buckley's death.

Smelling Synchromystic blood in the water I started hunting for connections. And this was the first thing that came up-- the resplendent "Ivo," leadoff track on the immortal Treasure.

What's the connection? Well, the first thing that came to mind was the fact that Ivo's original title was "Peep Bo." What was the second thing that came to mind?

That was the second thing.

I got to work on the lyrics for "Ivo," using the online fan stuff for reference. The verses- repeating over and over, of course-- looked pretty accurate. And in true, time-tested Oracular style we get an obtuse view of this week's story.

Peep-Bo, Peach blow, Pandora, Pompadour
Pale leaf, Pea sweet

I remembered that the Spirits don't speak proper English, so the bookending of Peep-Bo and the Queen of the Dead caught my eye.  

I did my own translation of the chorus, remembering that Fraser often hid meaning by stretching pronunciation and switching out consonants. I'm pretty confident- though not entirely certain-- the chorus goes like this:

Nero Ido - Peep Peep Bo Peep Peep
Bit Animal 
He don’t hear our Ido - Peep Peep Bo Peep Peep  
Part Animal - Peep Peep

So this is yet another example of a Fraser lyric fans think is fluffy and charming but is actually rather salty. And the "part animal" line fits right into the current transgenic theme.

The "Ido" might seem a bit random, but considering this is the beginning of what some critics called Fraser's "Esperanto Era"-- when she began using a foreign-language variation on the Burroughs-Bowie "cut-up method"-- I believe the exceptionally-literate singer is referring to this....

UPDATE: An eagle-eyed reader informs us that Lil Peep attended Lido Beach High School.

And the next song after "Ivo" is "Lorelei," in which the Water Witch of the Rhine beckons her lovers with... 

We're covered by the sacred fire
When you come to me 
You come to me broke 

Since I especially like firsts when rounding up signifiers, I'll remind you that "Ivo aka Peep-Bo" is the first song of the first side of an album released on November 1st...

... November 1st being Lil Peep's birthday.

November 1 is also the catalog release date for these two EPs, whose songs are all based on butterfly symbolism, including the Monarch butterfly. We'll be looking at Fraser's butterfly symbolism again shortly. It's kind of unsettling.

November 1 is also the catalog release date for Lullabies, which includes "Alas Dies Laughing," an all-purpose death omen. 

Treasure's cover uses the same image as Lullabies, based on another death omen:
Calla lilies have become a common favorite in wedding ceremonies, but in contrast, lilies are also associated with death. They were often used on the graves of youths who suffered an untimely death. 

When Venus, goddess of love, beauty, and desire, saw the lilies she was jealous of their beauty. She cursed their beauty by placing a large yellow pistil in the middle of the flowers. Because of this story, some associate the calla lily with Venus and thus with lust and sexuality. 

Remember that Treasure --which led to accusations that Fraser was "playing with witchcraft and subverting the nation's airwaves with subliminal sorcery" -- also plays into Heath Ledger's swim to the Siren.

I noticed that Lil Peep did a collaboration with rapper Antwon...

... yeah. There it is.

And just as we saw with Jeff Buckley, Chris CornellChester BenningtonHeath Ledger and Chi Cheng, the Siren seems to have signed her work in the usual manner: with the surname of her favorite channel north of the place of death.

I've come to see all the madness we've been trying to sort through as evidence of very sophisticated and powerful star magic, and in that light I am seeing the transformation of the Siren archetype from Sky Goddess to Mermaid as an occult conjoining of Virgo with Hydra's tail. 

This seemed to have some ritual significance to the ancient Syrians, hence the metamorphosis of Atargatis.

Bear all this in mind, because the very same day Lil Peep heard the Siren's call, this story circulated on all the major media outlets:

What's the significance of the timing?

Ross 128 is in the constellation of Virgo.

And as sheer happenstance seems to demand, we also this story that same day on SpaceSex's and Not-Actually-a-Space-Agency's next "Dragon Mission." 

So here we are back in Revelation 12, moving forward from the Virgo-Leo alignment. 

I believe the much-hyped September 23rd alignment of Beauty and the Beast--or the Cocteau Twins, if you prefer-- was in fact a go-signal for the Manufactured Apocalypse. Do note that it seems to have kicked off the ensuing rollout of all the horrors that our technological witch-doctors have been toiling over the past century- AI, Transgenics, bioweaponry and so on and so forth. 

There's much, much more to come.

Such as the Armageddon War that President Jupiter traveled to the Gulf to strategize. He stopped at the new Louvre in Abu Dhabi for a photo-op with the Dragon. Note the Transgenic chimera there which looks uncannily like the original Sirens.

The Dragon and the Siren? Surely an unintentional alignment there.

The Abu Dhabi Louvre is a Dome, which is a nice counterpart to the Paris Louvre Pyramid that Macron posed in front of during his victory speech.

November 15th also saw the announcement of Mermaid's Tears Vodka. Just because the Never-Ending Ritual is pervasive and totalizing.

Which is why the City Seal of Lil Peep's hometown features Poseidon and the Siren and an obelisk.

Which reminds me- Starbucks once released a Bo Peep teddy bear for some tenuous reason or another.

And if this isn't a portent, I don't know what is: seahorses --symbolic chimeras-- have been discovered in Thames River-- aka the Isis. Specifically in Greenwich, where time begins. 

And where Our Lady of Oracles, Queen of Sibyls, was hired by the British Government to herald the return of the Sons of God and give ritual birth to the Mighty Men That Were of Old, the Men of Renown. 999 times throughout the entirety of the Year 2000. 

Or should I say Our Lady was hired to herald the return of the Pearly Dew-Drops

Six of one...

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Kanye's Elect: Twitter Thread Unrolled and copy/pasted!


Welcome to 2020.

Below you'll find the thread I wrote on twitter about Kanye & God's calling in my life to seek the intersection of his gospel work and people who've been 'hit with the gnosis' of spiritual awakening outside the 'typical bible bullshit'.

Here also is a playlist of audio(s) on the same subject.  You'll find the thread below.




I've been meaning to start this thread--cuz I'm called to do it--& I have already started, but it's hard--not because typing or talking is hard--but because I'm embarrassed at the work that God sent me to do.
I had this strange but powerful draw to Ye's new 'work in Christ' even before it was out, & I'd promised myself to buy the vinyl of "Jesus is King" at my local record store, "Hot Poop", but they were not able to get it for me. ("Why" they couldn't get it is for a diff'rnt thread)
Image I couldn't get the record from @McGuinnMgmt's dad Jim, & I ordered it online instead, & I was really just kidding. I mean, I've been a 'Christian' since I was 13. I answered "The Call" at Hume Lake Church Camp & was baptized at a church in South Sac, CA. Around 1989 but... 
I was being tongue in cheek about my “JOY” for Ye's conversion to Christianity. My own ‘faith’ had gone up & down over the years, & watching Ye go from ‘bi-polar embarrassment’ to ‘saved by the blood’ was familiar to me. I wanted to hear his new music. It would be new to me. 
So I told friends--& my GF--I was gonna get the new @kanyewest. I couldn't get it on vinyl, so I grabbed it on Amazon Music, & to my surprise, I LOVED IT. It gave me that joyful release that one only finds in Jesus Christ. Reminded me of why I got baptized.

I was excited. I still bought the vinyl online. I was laughing & telling anyone who'd listen that the music was great. I mean--it was WEIRD--but good. Something different. It convinced me right away that Ye's conversion to the faith was not a ploy. I could relate to this energy!
So I’m listening to “Jesus is King” & I’m laughing, & I’m telling everybody about it, & this weird thought comes to me:

What if I could "found the others” Who’d had a good vibe from Christian Kanye --BUT--they also studied Gnostics & the “Lost Books of the Bible” and stuff?
Or even if they didn't have a good vibe? Maybe they thought "He's faking it!". But they still studied the “Esoteric/Occult/Gnostic/Mystery” stuff?

My brain’s like: “Who are the people who live at the intersection of Strange Spiritual Beliefs & the “Kanye West Gospel Movement”? 
So I'm having a chuckle to myself thinkin:

"Who are these people!?"

& I'm wondering & contemplating--& that ‘still quiet voice’ in my chest says:

"GO FIND THEM S.B.". & I'm like, “naw God. No thanks. I was just kidding. I meant it's a funny, but I’m all good you know?".
But that quiet voice in your chest "does not know". It's a pest. And I realize what it is... God is calling me to make a damned FOOL of myself. "Seek out and find the people touched by Kanye's Gospel Music--AND--find those specific ones who may have heretical or gnostic beliefs." 
I didn't want to do it. But I know better than to refuse "THE CALL". I've been 'Jonah' before. It's not a good choice to ignore that tiny quiet voice in your chest.

I gotta run to work so this is pt. 1 of 2 I guess.

Here's a video I made about it:

Here's the link to the thread 'unrolled' but I was afraid it might vanish cuz I accidentally deleted it!

...set good intentions for the new year, and do what you're afraid to do!

Love ya'll,


Saturday, November 9, 2019

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Transcription Experiment

I'm not sure what to do.

 I'm taking on too many projects at once. 

I'm really discouraged by our progress professionally,  ...and with our 'entertaining hobby', i.e. the RX Only Pictureshow

I've gotten a decent start on getting back into email marketing and other Web article writing  type stuff. 

But I think this seasonal affective disorder depression, combined with all of the death and sadness surrounding me, (parallel to the weather change), it has really put me in a funk. 

I feel a strong drive to keep on with the search for people 'influenced by' Gospel Kanye West' whether they love him or hate him. and how they feel about what I am coming to call "Gnostic Christianity". It's really more than Gnostic Christianity but--the specific details require some knowledge and some study--and for some people it actually creates an inner physical/spiritual awakening. 

I'm experimenting with my note 10 smartphone because my desktop computer, (that I bought specifically for all of this type of work), has failed twice in the last 2 months. The fan has failed 2 times in a row now ( some people would blame that on astrology oh, I'm more inclined to believe it's just old and Junkie.) 

I think I will buy peripherals for this smart phone and start to learn about what it can really do. I'll Press the limits of its full capacity. Right now I am using it to record this audio and transcribe it at the same time 
 .... .... ....
"I need to make a system" 

- or - 

I will at least be much happier and more satisfied when I have a system that allows me to follow a "left to right Linear guideline" for each task I perform. It doesn't matter if it's a blog entry like this one - or Investment into a bronze castings.

 I've been studying systems for many years but there is this account on Twitter called @roguewealth who has really fired me backup for everything to do with systems. Also, a gentleman named Brian has truly helped me out by offering me a free consultation and encouraging me to buy some software that allows me to do "no code" Web design and get back into writing on a regular basis. I'm shaking off the rust and dust, and I'll be prepared to bust out 500 or 1000 words on any given topic in exchange for money, very soon.
--LIKE NOW!-- (I'm actually ready now.
 I'm tired of being a want to be. I'm working through my depression and sadness. 

(This sadness, especially concerning my estrangement from my children, because my Uncle is some kind of sequestered and secluded raving lunatic psychopath who is holding my daughters and his wife hostage on their little compound he Built-in North Idaho) 

I have A spiritual routine of prayer and meditation each day that is really helping. I've really gotten back into reading and studying scripture for 10 or 20 minutes every morning and it brings me solace and gives me An anchor point. 

I appreciate all of people That I have found it become close with via the Internet, and I am grateful for our weekly show, and the other work that I have done online. It draws me closer to people who share my beliefs and who share my sadness or who share my joy, and who understand these deep secret things that are only now starting to come to light for the rest of the English-speaking world. I think I'm going to call this a post and go and sit quietly before I start my work day.



Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Finding God's Elect, Within Kanye West's Fan Base


Above is my "rough preliminary audio rant" describing the Kanye project I am attempting.

Below you'll find the website with "the works of mr. Robert Ferrell". Robert has had a revelation from God & understanding it will open the scriptures for those who have "eyes to see and ears to hear" . This includes the apocryphal and extra canonical scriptures!


Please listen to this audio and reference the basic ideas of parabolic scripture, and comment or contact me and let me know what you think!

This will be an ongoing project and the posts will become more extensive as we go.



Friday, August 2, 2019


What the fuck do you think you're doing?

I hate you all for falling for politics every four years.

It's a crushing vacuum of false-selves... All excited by the neon air of

"I hate Trump" or "I love servitude".


Don't talk to me. Don't ask if you don't want to know.
Poli-ticks isn't gonna help ya.  It's a part of the now-digital prison system
you so adore.

These are the ads on the subway and the bus.


...and it goes on.

I lose respect.  Even for myself.  When trump was suddenly 'gonna win' in 16,  i was awestruck... But he's a jew loving liar--and--he's bouncing his teenie daughter on his kneee like so many impassioned fat Steven king characters... Well.  I can't love trump.  Really I can only love Jesus.

...and ole Bill and Hill are literally voodoo royalty btw.  They're worse if we have to side by side them.

THE CLINTON'S ARE WORSE THAN TRUMP.  But that cant make trump good.  The Obamas are closeted gay/trans... And wow once you see it.

The enemy of my strawman's enemy is my strawman's friend.

I'm not sure the original quote even works or makes sense... But this shure-hell don't.

Why are ya'll try'n for hope on FB, or from TV fucking GOD from TV?!

At least get with the times and curse TV and praise interwebs.

kill it all and go read.


Go garden
go pray
sit quietly
jump a rope
walk fast and long with your happy dog

get TF off FB
off Twitter
especially off GAB
...I don't even know  the lefty ones cuz I'm IRL surrounded by rabid brainwashed lefties...
righties too... but my folks I love the most?  They on the leff.

they're zombies installed with ORANGE MAN BAD buttons all over their neck

they cry when a kid in a cage does a photo opp at the border with his mom in a frozen shirt that's too small

I don't talk to em
I pray for you all

life's so much different than you imagine

HISTORY IS A LIE (IN TOTO) can't see, don't see, don't wanna see.

Us outside the collar-yank communities have pity and fear in our hearts for you.


shades of grey of difference but the same.

you've all got  buttons installed in your neck.

It's a sad neck to have.


Thursday, June 13, 2019


I'm pasting this hear as a hope that it will help other seekers find what has been archived or deleted.  John Frusciante had posted this at his website/blog.  I don't recall how many years ago... Maybe as many as 5 years ago?  I don't know for sure.  I'd found it be searching the archives and with modified google strings... And I zapped it 'copy-pasta' into a google doc.

This piece of writing speaks to me deeply about the creative process, and it overflows for me into spirituality, philosophy and even themes of deep estoericism and Gnosticism.

I thank the anon who found and posted it!  I'm pretty sure it was on reddit:

submitted 2 months ago by Raitug
The phrase The Will To Death refers to the underlying, predominantly unintentional, organization in works by artists who love and are devoted to the creative force, but hate what they see of the life force and its ways. It is a set of abstract principles which may be applied in the creative act. In artistic symbolism, one comes close to death, and not only does he not die, but he lives more fully for having had the experience. It may be conceived as a set of musical/mathematical formulae which the musician utilizes without knowing it.
The creative force is produce of the life force, but our judgement of the life force is based on our perception of its effects, its surface, everything that happens in the external world we know. The closest we come to seeing the essence of the life force is in our perception of the creative force. In works of art, the creative force provides addition and multiplication.The creative force is assisted by human intelligence through our devotion to division and negation, and so, symbolically, from the standpoint of human intelligence, the act of creativity is a striving towards death. The reason creative action can be a fulflling life enriching thing, is because our creative thinking is negation only on the thoughts surface, the thoughts essence being identical with the wishes of the essence of the life force.
So in The Will To Death one strives towards death, but is indirectly supported by the life force, and so the artists will is always aiming at something it never reaches, for the creative force upholds the aspects of the life force which the human is blind to. And so due to feelings and inner visions, the mental divisions and subtractions an artist must be fuent in carry him down a path that is only subtractive in his relationship to his tools, while the creative force carries the additive substance of the life force which is ultimately perceived.
Subtraction and negation are always a matter of degrees, beyond which is the positive unknown, the essence of the life force. The primary perceptive apparatus of the artist is appropriately blind to the positives behind negation, yet he senses them, and he is often inwardly shown them. But just like people and their attachment to image and appearance, he cannot grasp the positive unseen and unknown, so he clings to his negations, subconsciously knowing they are attached to the life force, but consciously only knowing the life force by the world and its ways, that being his only working image of it. Were it not for the seemingly inexplicable meaning inherent in his work, he would not strive down a path of negation and division. It is the subconscious knowledge that this is actually an upward path which fuels him to continue to strive towards a greater comprehension of the negatives which to most people appear to symbolize the feared unknown, pointless to dissect. In other words, the artist strives toward death, because to him it feels like life. And when he presents his work to others, it looks like life to them, while it is actually negation anddeath which are beneath the surface. And, of course, beyond the surface of that, as I've just explained, is the life force, once again.
If an artist is applying The Will To Death, he has the following three positions in balance. He is in between, occupied with negation and separation. In front is the expression of life, visible and audible to him and to others, and behind is the creative force, visible and audible only to him. Behind which is the life force, which he can not see anymore than his spectators can see his mental negations, or the personifcation of the creative force which is perhaps known to him.
Three conditions need to be in balance for the artist to apply The Will To Death:
  1. Trust in and devotion to the part of the creative act he can not control. He must possess a conception of the diference between the creative force and himself, to a great degree in order to be controlled by it. This means a kind of letting go of the very parts of himself that share something in common with the creative force, namely, the desire to maintain a solid forward motion. This motion comes if one trusts the creative force. None of us can cause it any more than we can cause the forward motion of time. To take part in it is all that is in our power, and to do so is a great privilege. If ones love for art is great enough, their appreciation for their chance to participate in the creative act great enough, then to trust in the energy which guides them comes naturally, If the artist has an internal personifcation of this aspect of the force, then it is this that he loves and trusts, but he still must love and trust when there is no image, but only a feeling and a non-specifc, non-defned, sensible, talking force of energy. And this trust in what amounts to his own feelings, must be greater than his trust in the things people generally trust, such as general consensus, popularly accepted points of view, commonly adhered to limitations or restrictions, and present day conventions.
  2. The ability to mentally lose himself in a fascination with negations and divisions. Essential to the creative process are contradictions, taking things apart, carving away at things, and disconnecting this from that. Most important is contradiction of the force that guides him, his love for this force being so great that the contradiction can not help but lead to a new agreement. He must be going in one direction, and then switch to a new direction, without losing his way. If condition 1 is in place he need not fear going astray. The artists role is to always look for new ways to go, despite that he is not the one driving.
  3. Third is his creation of the appearance of conditions 1 and 2 as being a singular motion, not a multitude of contrary directions. This implies that conditions 1 and 2 are so balanced that there is a perfection of form in every countermovement contained within. Every counteraction soon fnds its coordinate. Every ending feels like a new beginning. Every repetition feels like a continued fow. Every negation appears as positivity and every loss appears as a gain. There can be no diference between feeling and appearance to the artist, they must be one in the same. It is this point that is stressed by the undercurrent of the life force. The life force is faraway, pertaining to arts essence, and it is also near, pertaining to the perception of the sum of all the things that comprise a works appearance. These are the sides. The artist sees three parts, what the creative force brings and perpetuates, what the artist himself twists, turns and counteracts, and the sum the artist perceives. And it is there that the artists involvement in their work must end, if The Will To Death is to be applied. Otherwise the artist is compromising condition number one, and to whatever degree he does so, the balance required for the application of The Will To Death is thrown of. The artist stands in the middle of two sides. What is beyond these is of no concern to him. He will never directly perceive the life force, and doesn't want to. And he can't hear with other peoples ears, or see with their eyes, and he sacrifces the beneft of his own senses to whatever degree he attempts to do so. The creative force is driving the artist in a car. The artist who attempts to take over the wheel will fnd The Will To Death unavailable to him, as he has made himself unavailable to it. Humans being located at a single point in the moment is the reason we hear and see as we do, and it is this which makes art and its perception possible in the frst place. Our limited scope of vision is a gift, allowing us to see left from right, up from down, positive from negative and so on. Because each of us possesses a singular perspective, we can trust what we see and feel. We can contradict ourselves and be right both times.
So to summarize, one must allow themselves to be controlled by, yet counter, that which controls them, in such a way that the momentum and basic design provided by the controller remains, while the will and individuality of the artist persists. The creative force is half the essence of the life force and half a correlative of the artist and all his essential negativities. In The Will To Death, the creative act is a friendly argument between the creative force and the artist. This is the same as two close friends arguing about boxing. Just as both friends have a certain knowledge in common which provides the basis for the argument, the artists ability to navigate through negations and divisions aligns him with the creative force and its additions and multiplications, to the point that the argument is actually an afrmation of that which connects them.
The life force is primarily concerned with the efects of communicative energy, and the creative force is primarily concerned with the increase of the quality of art, and they have a perpetual friendly argument along these lines, and the lives and work of entertainers and artists, and the various combinations of the two, are the subjects. On the surface, it would seem that the life force always wins the argument with the creative force, and the creative force always wins the argument with artists. But while the life force created the creative force, the creative force in turn created the human perception of the life force. And the creative force creates artists, but humans mere existence creates a space for the creative force to live within. This means the apparent loser is always also the winner, as life force, creative force, artist and audience are all essentially one thing, just as a boxing argument results in the afrmation that each friend is his own man while the sport itself connects their diferences. This was all set in motion so the true wishes of the life force would be vivifed, of necessity, by negative units of itself, which gradually results in the hiddenintentions of the life force becoming visible. The creative forces purpose involves the life forces higher aspects emerging victorious over its lower aspects, and the artists purpose involves the creative forces higher aspects emerging victorious over its lower aspects. What we see of the life force and its ways may often appear detestable, but the creative force we love represents the hidden parts of the life force, which we have been given the power to cultivate. This has been put in our hands in order to bring a fower out of the dirt.
-John Frusciante JANUARY 16, 2013

I see now it was circa 2013. Thanks Johnny!  It means the world to me.

 I'll probably start blogging here again.  I was going to blog and write with Tracy R. Twyman, but she's dissapeared.  Please pray for her and support her.

I was going to also build up Rx Only PICTURESHOW, but for now  that's also a no-go.  JEM and I are not on good terms currently.  It's a long confusing story.

Here I am--absolutely depressed and distraught--playing the song, "The Will to Death", circa 2011, on my living room floor.

Let's let go and see what the Holy Spirit has to offer.  Mold me Lord Jesus.