Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Kanye's Elect: Twitter Thread Unrolled and copy/pasted!


Welcome to 2020.

Below you'll find the thread I wrote on twitter about Kanye & God's calling in my life to seek the intersection of his gospel work and people who've been 'hit with the gnosis' of spiritual awakening outside the 'typical bible bullshit'.

Here also is a playlist of audio(s) on the same subject.  You'll find the thread below.




I've been meaning to start this thread--cuz I'm called to do it--& I have already started, but it's hard--not because typing or talking is hard--but because I'm embarrassed at the work that God sent me to do.
I had this strange but powerful draw to Ye's new 'work in Christ' even before it was out, & I'd promised myself to buy the vinyl of "Jesus is King" at my local record store, "Hot Poop", but they were not able to get it for me. ("Why" they couldn't get it is for a diff'rnt thread)
Image I couldn't get the record from @McGuinnMgmt's dad Jim, & I ordered it online instead, & I was really just kidding. I mean, I've been a 'Christian' since I was 13. I answered "The Call" at Hume Lake Church Camp & was baptized at a church in South Sac, CA. Around 1989 but... 
I was being tongue in cheek about my “JOY” for Ye's conversion to Christianity. My own ‘faith’ had gone up & down over the years, & watching Ye go from ‘bi-polar embarrassment’ to ‘saved by the blood’ was familiar to me. I wanted to hear his new music. It would be new to me. 
So I told friends--& my GF--I was gonna get the new @kanyewest. I couldn't get it on vinyl, so I grabbed it on Amazon Music, & to my surprise, I LOVED IT. It gave me that joyful release that one only finds in Jesus Christ. Reminded me of why I got baptized.

I was excited. I still bought the vinyl online. I was laughing & telling anyone who'd listen that the music was great. I mean--it was WEIRD--but good. Something different. It convinced me right away that Ye's conversion to the faith was not a ploy. I could relate to this energy!
So I’m listening to “Jesus is King” & I’m laughing, & I’m telling everybody about it, & this weird thought comes to me:

What if I could "found the others” Who’d had a good vibe from Christian Kanye --BUT--they also studied Gnostics & the “Lost Books of the Bible” and stuff?
Or even if they didn't have a good vibe? Maybe they thought "He's faking it!". But they still studied the “Esoteric/Occult/Gnostic/Mystery” stuff?

My brain’s like: “Who are the people who live at the intersection of Strange Spiritual Beliefs & the “Kanye West Gospel Movement”? 
So I'm having a chuckle to myself thinkin:

"Who are these people!?"

& I'm wondering & contemplating--& that ‘still quiet voice’ in my chest says:

"GO FIND THEM S.B.". & I'm like, “naw God. No thanks. I was just kidding. I meant it's a funny, but I’m all good you know?".
But that quiet voice in your chest "does not know". It's a pest. And I realize what it is... God is calling me to make a damned FOOL of myself. "Seek out and find the people touched by Kanye's Gospel Music--AND--find those specific ones who may have heretical or gnostic beliefs." 
I didn't want to do it. But I know better than to refuse "THE CALL". I've been 'Jonah' before. It's not a good choice to ignore that tiny quiet voice in your chest.

I gotta run to work so this is pt. 1 of 2 I guess.

Here's a video I made about it:

Here's the link to the thread 'unrolled' but I was afraid it might vanish cuz I accidentally deleted it!

...set good intentions for the new year, and do what you're afraid to do!

Love ya'll,