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Foucault's Pendulum Hoax (archive of information)



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Seems my old blog has become a place to dump old ideas and dredge up archives and re-post the contents as a way to prove that the memory hole can sometimes be dredged and plumbed for information long since past.  Here's some links casting doubt on the famous pendulum's from science centers and other public displays.  Some folks think the whole thing is an elaborate hoax to 'verify' a spinning ball earth.

The following is the text from an article I found--looking for a book on a catholic forum--and instead I stumbled onto this.

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 Click here for a PDF called "Thank Jehovah that the Earth is not Moving"
Thank JEHOVAH That the Earth is NOT Moving!! - [Download PDF] (fdocuments.net)
ALSO: "EARTHMOVERS", from "cath.info" was the memory that inspirted this post. Here's a link referencing it:

Hopefully this helps people seeking to debunk or even study "Foucault's Pendulum", as it is by no means a certainty.

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The Hoax called Foucault's Pendulum

“Even if you are dispersed to the ends of the heavens, from there will YHWH your G-d gather you and from there will He take you up. And YHWH your G-d will bring you to the Land which your ancestors have inherited and you shall inherit it. And He will do well by you, and make you more numerous than your ancestors.” (Dt.30:4,5)
And the prophet Jeremiah said the same:
“The days are coming,” declares YHWH, “when men will no longer say, ‘as surely as the Lord lives who brought the Israelites up out of Egypt,’ but they will say, ‘as surely as YHWH lives who brought the Israelites up out of the land of the North and out of all the countries where he banished them.’ For I will restore them to the land that I gave to their forefathers…Then they will know that my name is YHWH.” Jer. 16:14-16, 21).
In order to delegitimize such prophecies the Roman imperialists, who wrote the Gospels, put into Jesus' mouth the words in which he disassociated himself from the God of the Bible thus leaving open the question of his sonship. They wanted, at all price, to turn the Holy Land into Palestine, which, finally, they did.
“Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lies he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar and the father of it. (John 8:44)
A Greek word translated as the “Jews” 'Ioudaioi” occurs 71 times in the fourth Gospel, most of the time in an antagonistic context, pitting that group against Jesus and his followers. Much of the ugly anti-Semitism of the last 2,000 years has been blamed on the Gospel of John. Hitler must have been influenced above all by the anti-Jewish statements of the Gospel of John (“children of light”=Christians; “children of darkness, or devil=Jews). John makes Jesus to believe that the Jews were children o devil.
The New Testament Heliocentrism for the “Children of Light”
The notion of “outer darkness” belongs to the heliocentric cosmology of the Aryans. The poetic figure of the Candle-Sun (See Mt. 5:15) stood for the Expanding Center exemplified in the Shri-Yantra mandala, which was composed around a central point – the metaphysical and irradiating point of primordial energy of Big Bang. The earliest state of disorganized creation or chaos was impelled towards the creation of a New Order (Dharma, Tao, Logos) whose heavenly nature holds from the center and spins all else around it because monarchy is necessary to the world for its well being (Dante). The swastika signifies the action of the origin or,vortex of the solar energy (Brahma) upon the Universe. The “outer darkness” is beyond the actual reach of the expanding center of light, or, using the poetic figure of the Persian poet Omar Khayyam “outside the box.” “And the light shineth in darkness and the darkness comprehended it not.” John 1:5. And Heliocentrism was a perennial religion of the Romans. The New Agers are trying to establish a New World Order aka Global Capitalism. Ahmadinejad is a modern apostle of Omar Khayyam.
Wells states, “Scholars do not dispute that one of the motives underlying the gospels is the desire to set Christianity in the right light in the eyes of the governing class and Roman officialdom generally.” Brandon demonstrates that a major theme of the gospels is the turning of blame for Jesus' death from the Romans to the Jews. St. Augustine stated: “I would not believe th Gospels if the authority of the Catholic Church did not compel me.
That explains all those investigations of the alleged war crimes committed by Israeli soldiers during the war in Gaza and elsewhere. One could say, the Israeli soldiers, unlike the good French or British colonizers, who worship Jesus Christ are the children of devil, who “was murderer from the beginning.”
When Th. Herzl approached Pope Pius X in Jan 1904, seeking his assistance for the Zionist venture, the pope dismissed him with these words: “We cannot favor this movement. The Jews did not recognize Jesus, our Lord, and we therefore cannot recognize the Jewish people. If you come to Palestine and settle your people there we will be ready with priests and churches to baptize you.” And Card. Roncalli, the future Pope John XXIII, was sufficiently cooperative with Pius XII’s anti-Semitic policy, to advise the Curia against Jewish transportation to Palestine, which might challenge Christian possession of the profitable Holy Places. That’s why six million had to die! No pope throughout centuries has ever prayed that the Jews would one day have their own state in their historical Promised Land. On the contrary, it was mostly the Catholic priests who incited the Christian, and now Palestinian mob to pogroms and to complete isolation of the Jews inside their ghettos. Is not the fence that Israel built along its border a result of the perennial Roman ghettoization policy vis-à-vis the Jews?
Well, Pope John Paul II in his relentless pursuit of Palestinian statehood met with “martyrdom seeking” terrorist fuehrer Y. Arafat 14 times, thus turning Palestinians into the Vatican’s new “chosen people”, which was the core of the Roman policy of hate towards the Jews. The anti-Semitic mob applauded. John Paul II’s mad monk Father T. Rydzyk through his radio and TV stations promotes the Stuermer’s-like anti-Semitic propaganda even though it is against the Polish law. But it is in agreement with mainstream world media. This sole fact adequately mirrors the Vatican obsession with and fear of the Jewish state. Because, the furious opposition of the Vatican notwithstanding, the Jewish people received, after centuries of dispersion, their Promised Land back; as the God of the Bible had promised them.
The fanatical obsession of establishing Palestinian state was adequately explained by the Palestinian ambassador to Lebanon Abbas Zaki on 14 May 2009: "With the two-state solution, in my opinion, Israel will collapse, because if they get out of Jerusalem, what will become of all the talk about the Promised Land and the Chosen People? What will become of all the sacrifices they made – just to be told to leave? They consider Jerusalem to have a spiritual status. The Jews consider Judea and Samaria to be their historic dream. If the Jews leave those places, the Zionist idea will begin to collapse. It will regress of its own accord. Then we will move forward."
And the “Brotherhood of Pius X” aka the New Agers paralleling John Paul II's Neocatholicism in their missionary efforts directed at Jews, would prefer that before leaving the scene, the Jews would first put their G-d to death, by admitting that their faith was based on a fiction. This would mean a complete victory, as far as the priorities of the 'Aryan ascended masters' are concerned. In other words they demand from the Jews the recognition of two pillars of materialistic buddhism: heliocentrism and evolutionism. That would prove beyond any doubt that the God of the Bible is really a liar who deceived His people with the false ideas of creationism and geocentrism. And that was the primary goal of the double rehabilitation of those materialistic and atheistic Sciences.
Copernican science enabled Hitler to proclaim that the Bible was “Jewish folklore and therefore contemptible nonsense”. The Nazis commemorated the four hundredth anniversary of publication of Copernicus’s The Revolution in 1943 by issuing a post stamp in the occupied part of Poland called Generalgouvernement bearing Copernicus’s portrait (the young seminarian K. Wojtyla used to put this stamp on his letters). In the same year the Poles could hear the triumphant tone of the news: “The Jews have disappeared from Europe,” and the “reservoir of the East from which the Jewish plague has for centuries beset the people of Europe has cased to exist!” In what sense did Copernicus’s book justify the Final Solution of the Jewish problem? By negating Christian tradition of Europe Copernicus removed the one and only obstacle, which stood in the way of the racial solution of the Jewish question. Indeed, the Holocaust did occur at a time when the Bible had definitively lost its power over men’s hearts.
In the book entitled Kopernikus-Forschungen (published in Leipzig 1943 when the Warsaw Ghetto was burning) Eugen Brachvogel explained how the Church “enriched” her teaching by promoting the Copernican heliocentrism. In the chapter entitled Griechischer und deutscher Geist in der kopernikanischen Anordnung der Planeten he reminded the opinion of Werner Jäger: “Ein Zeitalter ohne alle Tradition hat es nirgendwo gegeben und wird es nie gegeben. Es wäre die grauenhafteste Verödung und Verarmung des Menschenlebens, die sich niemand auch nur vorstellen kann…Immer wieder ist die Wandelstern des europäischen Geistes auf seiner mehr als 2000-järigen Bahn mit der hellenischen Sonne in Konjunktion geraten.” (p.35)
In the opinion of the Nazi pagan author the most important achievement of Copernicus was that he “brought the planet of the European Spirit into union with the Hellenic Sun”. Obviously, the Nazi author, while writing this paragraph had in mind Copernicus's passage in his book (I, 10) in which he praised the sun as a god “ruling his family of stars.” Thanks to Copernicus the traditional, solar religion of the Imperial Rome regained its superiority over Judaic Christianity and Islam.
In his First Report….on the Books of the Revolutions of…the Reverend Doctor Nicolaus Copernicus of Torun Rheticus wrote about Copernicus: “…he assumes new hypotheses, not indeed without divine inspiration and the favour of gods…” Invoking mythological gods in contradistinction to the Biblical monotheism was a common practice in the Renaissance period. Because the Renaissance had opposed to the Judeo-Christian ideal of obedience to revelation of God’s Law, the humanism of the Greeks. The early Christian rejected their pagan beliefs for the same reason as the author of the Martyrdom of George of Cappadocia who made the spirit to raise up from the dead a pagan called Boes, in order to tell Dadianus, the governor that he had been on earth a worshiper of the “stupid, dumb, deaf, and blind Apollo.”
Resigned to his Dumbness
Archbishop Dziwisz said the last words he heard the pope say were ‘totus tuus,” the pope’s Latin motto for “completely yours.” Well, the whole world saw the picture of the pope after his tracheoctomy, when he tried to say a few words. In vain! The only sound, the millions could have heard was something like a shriek and after that the pope resigned himself to his dumbness. I dare to think that it was the God of the Bible's critical review of John Paul II's pontificate.
Well, in his dedicatory letter to Pope Paul III, published with the Revolutions Copernicus extolled mathematics as his most important tool proving the intellectual superiority of Hellenistic heliocentrism over the biblical geocentrism.
Interestingly, Copernicus contradicting himself, did not use mathematics to prove the movements of the earth. Rather, totally in agreement with the spirit of the Renaissance paganism, he proved the immobility of the sun by pointing to the divine rank of the sun to whom the earth as his maid makes obeisance by circling his Majesty:
“W conceive immobility to be nobler and more divine that mutability and instability, which latter is therefore more appropriate to the earth than to the universe. I add to this that it would seem quite absurd to attribute motion to that which contains and locates, rather than to that which is contained and located – namely, the earth.” Well, in all materialistic systems throughout all ages motion is inseparable from matter.
Shakespeare immediately embraced the Copernican doctrine, because it justified the absolute power of all Christian monarchs, the pope included
The glorious planet Sol
In noble eminence enthroned and spher’d
Amidst the other…
The sun not only is the King of the sky
But he is like the King
And the King is like sun.
Contrary to the prevailing opinion that the Church persecuted heliocentric doctrine from the beginning, which culminated in the Galileo Trial, the letter of high ranking curialist cardinal Schoenberg encouraging Copernicus to publish his book and therefore printed as a second preface to The Revolutions points to something very important, namely the Copernicanism being the fulfillment of the gist of the Catholic atheistic theology as established by the so-called Angelic Doctor i.e. Thomas Aquinas:
Like Strato, Thomas Aquinas acknowledged atheist naturalism as in some measure an intellectually considerable alternative to theism: “ It seems that God does not exist. For if of the two contrary things one were to exist without limit the other would be totally eliminated. But what is meant by this word God is something good without limit. So if God were to have existed no evil would have been encountered. But evil is encountered in the world. Therefore, God does not exist.” The second objection of Aquinas is a statement of Naturalism, the view that all the phenomena of the Universe can and must be explained without reference to any principles in any sense “outside,” or “beyond.” In Summa Theologica Aquinas identified God with the impersonal, mechanical Eternal Reason of the philosophers which has nothing to do with the personal God of the Bible. In this way Th. Aquinas prepared way for Copernicus and his sun god as the ultimate natural ruler of Nature.. Thomas Aquinas’s critical judgment of the Ptolemaic system, which was regarded heretic by Rome, sounds like that: “The assumptions made by the astronomers are not necessarily true. Although these hypotheses seem to be in agreement with the observed phenomena we must not claim that they are true. Perhaps one could explain the observed motion of the celestial bodies in a different way which has not been discovered up to this time.” It is a paraphrase of Averroes, a vile atheist’s critic of the same system. In conformity with the natural religion of Aquinas.
Obviously the disciples of Thomas Aquinas had not ceased to worship. They had only given another form and a new name to the object of worship: having denatured God, they deified nature. They could, therefore, without self-consciousness, and with only a slight emendation in the sacred text, repeat the cry of the psalmist: “I will lift up mine eyes to Nature from whence cometh my help!”
The Exodus disclosed a God who was intensely concerned with human affairs. Whereas the surrounding gods were primarily nature deities, reifications of the numinous awe that people feel for nature’s grand phenomena, the Israelites’ God had come to them not through sun or storm or fertility but in a historical event. The difference in religious meaning was decisive.. The God that the Exodus disclosed cared enough about a human situation to step in and do something about it. That realization changed Israel’s religious agenda forever. No longer would the Jews be party to cajoling nature’s forces. They would rivet their attention on discerning Yahweh’s will and trying to enact it.
Interestingly, the well-known Polish poet Aleksander Wat who sought refuge during WWII in the USSR mentions in his Memoirs titled My Century that while he was doing time in the dreadful Lubyanka Prison in Moscow he could borrow from the prison library the books by St. Thomas Aquinas. The French Jesuit Teilhard de Chardin who was mourning his Church’s unwillingness to incorporate what Science had discovered into its understanding of the world, criticizing the “geocentricity” to which she clung psychologically for four hundred years after she had ceased to support it astronomically, and rebuking those religious thinkers who recognized nothing new under the sun since “instantaneous creation” is honored by the Moscow Museum of Atheism which is exhibiting his books. “Creationism” is as ugly word in the USA as it was in the USSR, or in the ancient Rome where to millions it seemed that everything was governed by the sheerest luck, or chance.
There are no gods: to say that Jove reigns is wrong;
'Tis a blind chance that moves the years along
Juvenal, Satire X
At a scientific convention in Chicago in 1980, over 150 of the world’s leading evolution experts faced the facts of the fossil record and virtually pronounced the death of Darwinism. They admitted that after 120 years of digging, the fossil record showed that there are no fossil links between one species and another, i.e., there are no transitional fossils. Thus, it was acknowledged that there is indeed a genetic barrier between species which renders impossible the theory that mankind evolved from apes...More>>> John Paul II silenced their voices by rehabilitating evolutionism.
Thomas Aquinas was a professor at the Paris Sorbonne and as such he can be considered as the father of the “bolshevik” French Revolution symbolized by an actress standing on the altar of Notre Dame as the goddess of Liberty. So it comes as no surprise that it was Aquinas's compatriot a certain engineer Foucault who built a machine which allegedly proves the truth of the Copernican system and at the same time explains away the existence of the God of the Bible. Foucault's Pendulum is a reminder that the French Revolution of 1789 and its anti-Semitic slogan Ecrasez l'infame never really ended. In the mind of French revolutionaries and especially of Voltaire, the Jews were relics of a barbarous and obscurantist past, and as such were unworthy of the rights of free men..
William James observed in his book Scientists: “There never lived a set of men more blinded by dogma to the meaning of the past, to the trend of the future, by the belief that they had a new truth (for New Age). No one of them can lift the stone and show what lies under Darwin’s demonstration. They run about with little pamphlets and proclaim a New Universe (aka Theosophists' New Age) like Frenchmen. They bundle up all beliefs into a great Dogma of Unbelief, and throw away the kernel of life with the shell…”
The most important observation regarding the human psychology states: “ It is not scientific to invent theories to explain away that which you do not like...Even scientists have not been able to explain life so far.”
Here is how the Encyclopedia Americana describes the working of this deceitful device:
Foucault's Pendulum is dependent on the principle enunciated in Newton's Firs Law of motion, that a mass moving in straight line tends to maintain both the direction and speed of its motion unless it is acted on by some external force.
First of all, the mention of Newton's first law of motion in the context of this device reminds of the cult of the Soviet party bosses who always opened their speeches by quoting a line from the “bible” of dialectic materialism” which proclaimed that there is no matter without motion. This law is contradicted by a magnetic device centered in the floor beneath which issues its command to a cylinder hidden in the heart of the sphere, thus assuring continual motion. (Umberto Eco, Foucault's Pendulum. Translated from Italian by William Weaver. Ballantine Books 1988, p. 3) This is confirmed by Wikipedia: “Foucault pendulums in museums often incorporate an electromagnetic or other drive to keep the bob swinging; others are restarted regularly. In the latter case, a launching ceremony may be performed as an added show.”
In Umberto Eco's international bestseller a student wearing glasses explains the functioning of the pendulum to a girl as follows:
“It proves the rotation of the earth. Since the point of suspension doesn't move...”
“Why doesn't it move?”
“Well, because a point... the central point, I mean, the one right in the middle of all the points you see ...it's a geometric point; you can't see it because it has no dimension, and if something has no dimension, it can't move, no right or left, not up or down. So it doesn't rotate with the earth. You understand? It can't even rotate around itself. There is no itself.”
“But the earth turns.”
“The earth turns, but the point doesn't. That's how it is. Just take my word for it.” The pertinent question here is: How can you suspend anything on something that has no dimension? Only if you can imagine the axis of the earth rotation as a Euclidean line, the North or South Pole would be such fixed points.
“Once set in motion, the pendulum will continue to oscillate with a constant amplitude. It also tends to swing continuously in the same vertical plane in terms of a coordinate system fixed in space, except as constrained by gravity. But the earth itself, as a result of its daily motion, will rotate constantly beneath the pendulum bob. If a graduated circular dial is placed beneath the pendulum, the linear path of the pendulum's motion will apparently rotate around the dial's center like the hands of a clock. If the Foucault pendulum is located at either of the earth's geographic poles, this apparent rotation will occur in exactly 24 hours. Actually, it is the earth that has rotated beneath the pendulum in this period while the pendulum's direction of motion remains fixed in space. This is a common laboratory proof of the earth's rotation.”
Well, if it is the earth that rotates constantly beneath the pendulum which makes the pendulum's bob to imitate the hands of a clock we wouldn't expect it to swing freely in any direction which is made possible by a ball-bearing pivot at the top of the cable. The fixed point of suspension mentioned by Eco's student stands for the stationary sun of the Copernican system. We can measure time by translating the movements of the sun into the earth's movement. But could we do the same if both the sun and the earth moved. Could you tell me what time is it if both the dial and the hands of your watch moved?
Foucault's original pendulums at Paris rotated clockwise at a rate of more than 11° per hour, or with a period of about 32 hours per complete rotation. The rate of rotation of a Foucault pendulum can be stated mathematically as equal to the rate of rotation of the Earth times the sine of the number of degrees of latitude. Because the Earth rotates once a sidereal day, or 360° approximately every 24 hours, its rate of rotation may be expressed as 15° per hour, which corresponds to the rate of rotation of a Foucault pendulum at the North or South Pole. At latitude 30° N—for example, at Cairo or New Orleans—a Foucault pendulum would rotate at the rate of 7.5° per hour, for the sine of 30° is equal to one-half. The rate of rotation of a Foucault pendulum at any given point is, in fact, numerically equal to the component of the Earth's rate of rotation perpendicular to the Earth's surface at that point.
Which means that, judging by Foucault's pendulum, certain regions of the earth rotate faster or slower than the others. Our watches show otherwise. Under Foucault's mechanical tyrant the natural cycle of day and night would be disturbed. People living closer to the equator would be forced to work longer than the people living in the circumpolar zones.
Foucault's pendulum, which I call Foucault's merry-go-round, gives the distinct impression to viewers that they are watching a process which proves the Earth is rotating, the signs tell them flatly that such is the case. Viewers assume that this Pendulum is giving observable proof that the earth is moving. They are told on the signs that they are viewing a scientific demonstration which proves the earth is moving. Everybody knows that (having learned it as a scientifically proven fact that throughout their school years) that the Earth is rotating on an axis and orbiting the sun. Now they see the confirmation before their very eyes. Who now can doubt the “science god of truth?!” aka “Stupid, dumb, deaf, and blind Apollo.” Who now dares to believe the Bible is without error?! People watch a minute or two, read the message, and go to another taxpayer supported “educational” display which tells them that life on earth has been evolving for three billion years and that they are the end result of that evolutionary process (M. Hall, The Earth is not Moving. 1991, p.170). Like the Aryan Ape King, Hanuman.In other words, exactly like in the above mentioned Moscow Museum of Athism. Foucault's merry-go-round and the so-called moon walk giving the false impression of the moving earth belong to the same magic repertoire. Indeed, in the heliocentric hoax the moon has to go on its trajectory around the sun in the opposite direction than the earth, but this dogma itself belies the heliohoax, because it suggests that the moon is moving back and forth at the same time, which inspired Lenin's dialectical derogatory dogma of 1904 about the party of Mensheviks going one step forward and two steps back.
There is one Foucault Pendulum in New York, in the UN Building, there's another one in the science museum in San Francisco, and God knows, how many others. Pendulum's presence in the UN Building proves how important for the religious purposes of the New Agers the Copernican hypothesis is. This pendulum stands for ecumenism in hatred expressed by ideologically kindred movements: the Renaissance paganism, the Nazism and the Palestinian solar baalism.
Bertrand Russel expressed his reservation toward mathematics as the ultimate proof of truth even more succinctly: “Physics is mathematical not because we know so much about the physical world, but because we know so little: it is only its mathematical properties that we can discover.”
Pope John Paul’s Speech
In his speech of reply to the members of the Pontifical Academy and other distinguished guests the Pope explained:
The problem posed by theologians of that age was, therefore, that of the compatibility between heliocentrism and scripture. Thus the new science, with its methods and the freedom of research which they implied, obliged theologians to examine their own criteria of scriptural interpretation. Most of them did not know how to do so. It was French Cardinal Poupard who wrote his speech. The Pope caps this with a generous tribute to Galileo the theologian: ‘Paradoxically, Galileo, a sincere believer, showed himself to be more perceptive in this regard than the theologians who opposed him.’
One last remark, When you go to a Chinese restaurant, you can see the cooks preparing your meals, but you are not allowed to see the underground mechanism of Foucault's Pendulum. When Marshall Hall, the author of The Earth Is Not Moving went to Paris to investigate closely the device a “series of mishaps prevented him from access to its inner working,” which he mentions in his book. Because the French diplomats need a “Scientific” justification for their branding Israel as a “little, shitty country.” The French revolutionary slogan Ecrasez l'infame is still leading the French scientists in their anti-Biblical propaganda. It was the Red Army, which after capturing Poland in the 1940s recognized as its most important task to launch the University named after Copernicus in Torun, where he was born. John Paul II, so to say, canonized it by his rehabilitation of Galileo with the help of the Soviet physicist A. Sakharov, who was proving in his researches that the sun is immortal, like the mythological phoenix.
The following is an excerpt from Prof. Stuart A. Kauffman's Online article titled
Breaking the Galilean Spell:
“Even deeper than emergence and its challenge to reductionism in this new scientific worldview is what I call breaking the Galilean spell. Galileo rolled balls down incline planes and showed that the distance traveled varied as the square of the time elapsed. From this he obtained a universal law of motion. Newton followed with his Principia, setting the stage for all of modern science. With these triumphs, the Western world came to the view that all that happens in the universe is governed by natural law. Indeed, this is the heart of reductionism. Another Nobel laureate physicist, Murray Gell-Mann, has defined a natural law as a compressed description, available beforehand, of the regularities of a phenomenon. The Galilean spell that has driven so much science is the faith that all aspects of the natural world can be described by such laws. Perhaps my most radical scientific claim is that we can and must break the Galilean spell. Evolution of the biosphere, human economic life, and human history are partially indescribable by natural law. This claim flies in the face of our settled convictions since Galileo, Newton, and the Enlightenment.” Breaking the Galilean Spell actually means Breaking the Thomistic Spell.
In the Latin tradition the words ‘God’ and ‘Nature’ are interchangeable and that explains the equivalence of Aquinas's God with Natural Laws (the Vatican brands in vitro fertilization because it is against Natural Laws not against God's Laws) and Copernicus sun god replacing easily the God of the Bible. But the creative acts of Nature are not the same as the creative Acts of YHWH described in the first chapter of the book of Genesis. There is no word 'nature' in the Bible and there is no entry 'nature' in the Encyclopedia Judaica. In this context the entry 'nature' in M. Eliade's Encyclopedia of Religion should be read
Will Durant, in one of his books wrote, Anaxagoras’s On Nature (480 B.C.) was acclaimed by the intelligentsia of Athens as the greatest scientific work of the century. It carried on the traditions and speculations of the Ionian school. The universe, said Anaxagoras, was originally a chaos of diverse seeds (spermata), pervaded by a nous, or Reason, akin to the source of life and motion in ourselves. And as reason gives order to the chaos of our actions, so the World Reason gave order to the primeval seeds, setting them into a rotatory vortex (Aristophanes in his The Clouds satirized this vortex as Socrates’ substitute for Zeus; Newton identified his gravity with the 'spiritual body' of Jesus Christ), and guiding them toward the development of organic forms. This rotation sorted the seeds into the four elements – fire, air, water, and earth – and separated the world into two revolving layers, and outer one of “ether” and an inner one of air. In consequence of this violent whirling motion, the surrounding fiery ether tore away stones from the earth, and kindled them into stars. The sun and stars are glowing masses of rock. Probably other celestial bodies are inhabited like the earth (original idea of aliens); upon them “men are formed, and other animals that have life. All organisms were originally generated out of earth, moisture and heat, and thereafter from one another. Man has developed beyond other animals because his erect posture freed his hands for grasping things (squirrels use their front legs while eating their nuts but that doesn't turn them into humans). The speculations made Anaxagoras at once the Copernicus and Darwin of his age. The Athenians might have forgiven him these hypotheses had he not neglected his nous in explaining the events of nature and history; they suspected that his nous was a device for saving his skin (exactly like the Logos is in the Gospel of John). He aroused the simple by giving a natural explanation of meteors, and reduced many mythical figures to personified abstractions. The Athenians took him good-humoredly for a time, merely nicknaming him Nous. Cleon, his rival, brought a formal indictment of impiety against him on the charge that he had described the sun (still to the people a god) as a mass of stone on fire, and the philosopher was convicted. Copernicus did not repeat his mistake and called the sun Reason of the World, and therefore sun god.
Teilhard de Chardin believed that belief in God and assent to the theory of evolution are completely compatible. In his Phenomenon of Man, he teaches that the law of entropy applies merely to the without of things, and that it must be complemented by a law of complexification that explains the within of things. The law of complexification governs the emergence from matter of life, intelligence, and spirituality, and finally directs the entire evolutionary process to its termination in the Omega Point, which is God himself. Well, in the Aryan mythology God is called “puru” i.e. Point, like the point which explodes in Big Bang and expands the world and then after the Big Crunch it returns to the same point, called by The French Jesuit the Omega Point, which is a variant of nirvana. The Nazis translated the slogan Ecrasez l'infame Juda verrecke.
What Ecrasez l'infame really means
Plato called by the church fathers “divine Plato” said that a poor man...who was no longer able to work because of sickness should be left to die.” (Alvin Schmidt, How Christianity Changed the World, 2004, p. 128)
“The graceful Greeks laughed at the 'graceless' Jews for recoiling in horror at the Greek custom of exposing an infant to death when the shape of its skull or nose did not please them.” (Max Dimont, Jews, God and History, 1994, p.108)
“Society as great authorized agent of life must be made responsible for every unsuccessful life – it has to pay for it, so it must prohibit it.” -A. Hitler, Mein Kampf
Voltaire said that Plato should have been canonized by the Christian Church, for, being the propounder of the Christos mystery, he contributed more to its fundamental doctrines than any other single individual. Some argue that Plato's tyranny, his cruelty and lust for dominance are forgivable because he was writing so early in the history of rationalism. Well, the Ten Commandments were revealed even earlier. Plato famously warned of the evil of democracy. Well. Hitler turned the Jews into slaves and let them die of starvation and cruel, sadistic treatment.
Already in the 50s, when Wojtyla was getting his doctorate in theology, his dissertation director, the eminent Fr. Garrigou-Lagrange (perhaps THE greatest theologian of the 20th century) wrote on his dissertation: “You write a lot, but you don’t say much.” Fr. Garrigou knew *garbage* when he saw it.
Main Entry: glibPart of Speech: adjectiveDefinition: slick, smooth-talkingSynonyms: artful, articulate, easy, eloquent, facile, fast-talking, flip, fluent, garrulous, hot-air, insincere, loquacious, plausible, quick, ready, silver-tongued, slippery, smooth operator, smooth-spoken, smooth-tongued, suave, talkative, urbane, vocal, vocative, voluble.