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 I was inspired by a tweet from the producer of a podcast called "The Quash", where a lawyer exposes the manifold lies in history and politics and so on... So I replied to his  tweet with a "quote tweet" and wrote the following.  Enjoy:

One of the more common tactics is called "Paralleling". They know they cannot hide or destroy the truth--so--they use large sections of the truth to create what appears to be an identical narrative--but--they omit &/or change significant details to protect their interests,

and then they grease the skids with lots of money and media...

The "parallel" story is given to talking heads and "alt-media experts" and it's pushed upon the public as "the truth".

This creates a tasty distraction from the less linear "real truth" which is harder to find now, 
& harder to put together into a narrative without the complete set of facts which have been omitted & hidden.

Typically the "parallel" has elements of dramatic production value. This captures peoples attention and also often hinges on people's desire for drama and disagreement. 
They've used this paralleling tactic for centuries if not millenniums. It allows these hidden "families" to remain in power & control the flow of information. They can dole out huge swaths of the truth as a way to garner credibility--but--the omissions and lies steer the public 
mind more towards the dramatic narrative and away from uncomfortable evidence that reflects back onto the hidden power structure in a damning way.

They know that "the crowd" would eventually clamor for their heads in an uproar if the truth was laid bare for all to see. 
I learned about this from a woman named "Linda Lea Kennedy". She was a lawyer in Virginia.

When she discovered massive fraud and "wet ink documents" being created in the courts--she made great effort to expose it--and in her attempts to hold people to account, she was disbarred 
...and they even refused to let her record her own disbarment hearing.

She did smuggle in a tape recorder & the audio used to be on her website, "Precious Time Radio".

She was a truth teller, and you can still find remnants of her work on if you search
"Christian Attorney Linda Kennedy" or "Precious Time Radio", or "Late Great Peter Kawaja".

Agents attacked her work & most of her efforts were maligned & erased.

She worked for a time with "The Power Hour" radio show, hosted by Joyce Riley & Dave Von Kleist.

They were agents. 
Joyce Riley was a great example of "Paralleling" concerning the alleged "Gulf War Syndrome" and the details behind what had happened during the 1st Iraq invasion.

"Habib Peter Kawaja" was a government contractor offering security services and when he'd stumbled into an operation 
where they were secretly manufacturing weapons grade cyanide ["prussian blue"], in Boca Raton Florida, he started copying all of their documents and recording all of their phone calls and more.

He even notified the "abc agencies" of what he'd found, and instead of helping him, 
they identified him as a liability and advised him to "keep up the good work" (of spying) although they did not realize how capable and prepared he was to pull down and keep good evidence of their crimes.

Eventually it turned into a vicious game of cat and mouse--all attempts to 
entrap or seduce Kawaja for his evidence were failing--and--they sent in Joyce Riley to attempt to seduce him and manage/control the situation.

At 1st Kawaja believed Riley but eventually he sniffed her out as an agent/plant and changed his focus to exposing her. 
The truth of Peter's story was that he'd found evidence of "Chemical Weapons Manufacture" in Florida and it was connected to a Frenchman named Louis Champon, who was getting funding from the Barboudi family out of Libya.

Joyce Riley changed the key points of the story... 
She replaced "chemicals weapons" with " biological weapons" and also added a dramatic "contagious dormant disease" element to the story and tied all of it to the alleged "Gulf War Syndrome", which was really just part of their parallel story's manufactured elements. It was a 
piece of a strategy that worked to cover up the experiments they were doing on US soldiers during Gulf War I.

The sickness and problems stemmed from vaccines and other tests being done on the soldiers under cover of the fog of war.

Riley is a good example of "Paralleling" 
because she came in as an agent alleging to help--and even when she failed to take full control of the operation and was exposed by the main target (kawaja himself)--she STILL managed to spin a similar narrative and take the focus away from chemical weapons manufacturing on US 
soil and re-direct the soldiers and other 'public eyes' towards their now dramatized "biological weapons" that also included the 'dormant contagious dissease/antidote' narrative with it's Holywood-esque draw to make people scared and curious.

I could go on and on, but I'll stop 

If you liked this thread, you can share it, & if it gets enough shares/likes & comments, I could pull from my old archives & supply even more details about "paralleling" or about the Kennedy/Kawaja/Riley affair.

Thanks for reading if you made it this far!



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