Sunday, September 26, 2021

A memo for 'King Suleiman':

 Greetings to my new friend,

With the secret name, That means SOLOMON.

I wanted to write--and send you those items and links that I said I would--and I figured you wouldn't mind if my message to you was in the form of a blog entry. (Don't worry. Almost no-one reads my blog. No, really. :| )

You see 'swale-man'...

It was an excuse for me to make a coherent entry here--because I mostly paste random data and old nonsense from the web archives--and it feels good to create a post in the proper way. In my old way.

In the way I remember doing it, when the urge was strong enough, (back in 2009 and after), when I was inspired to write some of my own material. Which brings me to the 1st thing on the list:

I was deeply enlightened to find the blog of Nikki Raapana. Her work cleared up so much fuzziness in my thinking.  Her blog is a priceless resource.  You can just click her name to see it.

The "all caps" link above will take you to the article I wrote about communitarianism.  It was inspired by Niki.  Her and her daughter Nordica Friedrich.  They live a hard but amazing life--making their own yurts to live in, in interior Alaska--and sometimes, they'll still chime in about the politics of communitarianism and how it fits in with 2020--and the pandemic--and our "techoncratic/transhuman/transtopian future". 

I'll drop a few more links on the Communitarian subject, and then I'll move on down my little list... The one I made when we were on the phone.  A list scrawled onto a paint sample card from Lowe's, here in Boise.  (Alas, I digress)

Niki and Nordica's Books (now free via PDF), explaining their journey to finding Communitarianism, and what it means:

The Historical Evolution of Communitarian Thinking

A link to an archive of all the work that used to be on their webpages:


And last, a link where you can support them with a donation:



If you're able to make time and read their work, I do beseech that you send them some support if you can afford it, because they are quite poor--and raising 4 young boys--and literally anything they get really helps.  For example, I just sent them a USPS Flat-rate Box™, stuffed full old wax candle ends, and AA and AAA batteries, and a few silly things for the kids. It's partly out of habit but mostly because I've watched them living this way for so long.  I really hope you can make time for their work.  Niki's done a lot of interviews too.  I don't have a link right now, but you can always search, or just ask me and I'll zap you a few later on.


I think that's enough about my friends and their journey into communitarianism and roughing it in Alaska.

What else is on the list? 

...oh yes.  PARALLELING!

So I found out about this disinformation technique from a woman named LINDA LEA KENNEDY.

Her work has been mostly scrubbed from the internet.  I do hope and pray that she's still alive somewhere.  If you use her name along with the name HABIB PETER KAWAJA, and use some 'search magic', you can find a few of the details of what I discuss briefly here:


That link above ^^, is my interview with my sadly deceased friend JESSE WAUGH (RIP).  (and he's one of my most favorite artists of all time).  We had some really excellent interactions in the short span of our friendship.  He was actually the very 1st person to ask me for an interview and then to publish it. It was a shock--but in retrospect--it was really meant to be.  ( I was going to link his Wiki page, but of course, Wikipedia has since deleted him. the link above is to his own blog page about being on Wikipedia.  Ironic.)

I've found that identifying "Paralleling", when it's happening, is a great way to get a tighter aim on the "real truth", because if their willing to parallel it, they'd really prefer people didn't know the full story.

WOW!  I didn't think we'd end up with a post this long... Fear not.  Just a few more to go:

I know we spoke briefly about John Brisson.  He's been compiling work for a book on "The Finders", and he's an excellent resource on a lot of information in the "Satanic/Left Handed Path" niche.   

His youtube is called "We've Read the Documents", and he did a recent roundtable about the life of Michael Aquino, and it was excellent.  That's only a tiny bit of what John's published.  John's a truly great resource! (He runs a health/diet coach business, but on the backside he's deep into 'real truth' and especially exposing the Council on National Policy.)

I do recall that we also discussed an interview exposing Theosophy, and Blavatski, and especially C. Leadbeater.  (I found this video via a man named Branco Malik, who's got his own website and podcast called, "The Kali Tribune".  Good stuff there too... But a bit out of the areas we have been discussing.

Lastly, I remember I had an old interview of Tracy Twyman (RIP), where she described her magical ritual that she did before her 1st husband committed suicide--and--before she had fully and committed and married the man she was with at the time of her unfortunate death.

She get's emotional in this one:


Ok my new friend!  That looks like a lot of stuff... Wow.  But I'm glad I made a reminder list during our talk--and I'd love to talk again sometime soon--and of course if there's anything I forgot just send me a message and I'll grab that too.

I appreciate you.  I feel this is the start of a good thing.

God Bless!

-sb alger


if you'd prefer that I not keep this blog post public--just let me know--and I'll switch it around.  It felt good to write a blog--and especially one with such a personal touch--but if it's more than what you're comfortable with being "out there" like this... Just say the word.


I didn't go back and re-read and edit!  This took me much longer than I thought it would... So please forgive any grammar, or spelling, or horrible run on sentences and the like.

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